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Why aren't there many successful women artists? When we see around the world there are as many women artists as men. But when we take success into account, the rate is very low for women artists.
Take for example, art auctions. Most of the work for bidding is from men. Most of the art that get high bids also belong to men.
When we see the lists of the best or successful artists majority of the names belong to men.
When I saw a list of great artists, I could hardly find any names of women.

I searched for reasons & found some.
Maybe women artists are unable to market their work well.
May be they are not be able to utilize promotional strategies well.
Maybe they will be satisfied with slight success and not very aggressive in their approach because of various reasons that tie them down.

These must be the reasons why women lag behind in success rate although they have talent in abundance.

Do the members agree with me?

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Nobody can.... and do it to the best of their ability in my opinion. We've all made attempts at it, haven't we?
How did it work out for you, eh? Focus is the key action don't you think. Focus ...

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa said:
Yes, women can do it & they can do it at once too!

Minnie W. Shuler said:
What do you think of this statement made by a successful Children's songwriter..."Women can do it all. They just can't do it all at once." What would it take for the art community and the women artists to believe that?
The works of women are not treated on par with the works of men is a social fact or rather it is a social regress which takes time to amend. Not long ago social workers in the Hong Kong government were paid according to their sexual differences, that is to say men and women might have equal work but not equal pay, men's salary was higher than women's salary although they might be doing the same job, but recently this phenomenon is amended, equal work equal pay has become legitimate. In the field of art I think that we also need time to make improvements on people's attitude. In the society of my country people still cannot comprehend the idea of a woman being involved in the venture of exposing her talent in art , I mean in painting, whereas in other forms of art such as singing, music and acting etc, women's talent in these fields are as legitimate as men's. Why is it that in the area of paintings and drawings there is such a big regress in people's mentality? I think that the fact speaks for itself, painting is quite an ambiguous form of art, there is no clear line to draw on between what is good painting and what is bad painting, I rather think that the fame of a painter can be manipulated by a small circle of authorities, today painting can even become the product of commercial propagandizing, in short , I would say that painting can be as glamourous as it is ridiculous! So why should I waste my energy on what is fair and what is not fair, I rather concentrate on painting my own world of dreams and hope to find some applause from people who enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy them myself.

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa said:
But why aren't the works of women not treated on par with the works of men. Lots of women are complaining. You might not accept the facts but truth is truth. You cannot brush it under a carpet. We need answers & solutions to the problem.

Shailendra Tiwari said:
It is ridiculus to seperateart by gender in fact noart is complete without participation of women or vice versa

Read this article which says women must be more aggressive in promoting themselves :

. We have discussed this problem several times on this network - why women artists are bad at promoting themselves..
Yes, some men go to any extent to promote themselves- some create controversies too. They don't care if these controversies create disturbances in the societies they live in. All that they want is name & fame - to increase their brand value. Unfortunately some of the successful men are not the best in the business.
This shows they are good at self- promotion & marketing. We have recognised this way of succeeding. But how far women can go to achieve success is a big question. Because they think about their families & children first everything else is secondary to most women.
Yes, women are bad at promoting themselves. A little aggressiveness is okay to promote themselves - but not going to any extent to do this -this is a dangerous trend and women recognise this.
You can see a related article here:
Reply by Irit Hakim-Keller on September 13, 2009 at 11:02am
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also many of them were the artists' relatives , or a neighbour, or just a beautiful whore the artist would pick from the street.

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa said:

Most of them must be models made famous by famous artists!
Reply by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on September 22, 2009 at 11:31am
Thanks for your thought provoking reply. I read several articles on how to price art works. Almost all of them give the advice that in a competitive world the prices should be on a lower side! But still, as my work is unique I try to price them reasonably. Still several people bargain as if they are vegetables! If the sales are low, naturally artists reduce the prices. Some artists who copy pictures from greeting cards to papers & use low cost water colors sell them for very low prices. In China, some artists copy master pieces of great artists & sell them for just a few dollars & people buy them. Naturally ordinary people who don't have any knowledge about art tend to compare the prices & say our works are very costly. They don't know that good original works done with costly materials will cost more. I take pains to explain these things to people who come to buy my work. Whether people buy them or not, I stick to my price because I don't depend on sales of my work for my livelihood. But all artists can't do that. This is a buyers market as there are many sellers & only a few buyers. However, if an artist is confident he or she will quote a reasonable price & stick to it.
Stan Layman said:

My mother started L & L Studio in 1947. She worked with Ada Crowder, Bill Flynn and Gladys Flynn. They did commercial art and photography for business applications. Doing ad slicks and designing ads was our mainstay. We also did book and catalog illustration for various publishers. We also did some album covers and book dustcovers. They did a lot of local work too. In the 1970's publishers began doing most work in house as computers became the norm by the mid 80's. My mother was great at promotion, Ada Crowder and Gladys Flynn, not so much. My mother could promote almost any product, however she lacked business sense. Business began to decline with the death of Ada Crowder and the retirement of Bill and Gladys Flynn. We had few customers left as the computer age fell on us! My mother began contributing to several doll magazines and creating her own doll designs. We were set up in the local mall and she was selling dolls right and left. Then came the question, "What is your profit margin?" . It turns out mom was selling her dolls for ten dollars and she had twenty in just the wig, not counting the head, body, stuffing, and the clothing which she made mostly by hand. We sat down and figured out her material cost alone was eighty dollars and instead of ten dollars she should have been getting twenty times that.
Most of the arists I've known lack confidence in themselves and their abilities. They fail to ask enough money for their work. It does not matter how much education or experience you have. What is important is to find out what your work is worth before you try to sell it!
Comments on the video "women in art":

Reply by beata szechy on September 13, 2009 at 6:39pm
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BEAUTIFUL! It would be great to show at our art filmfest in Budapest 2010!

Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc
2503 Costa Mesa Dr., Dallas, TX 75228
Reply by Victoria Stoian on September 13, 2009 at 7:04pm
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All these women were loved. And they are now immortal. Thanks for this video.
Reply by Katja on September 14, 2009 at 12:35am
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It's beautiful. Thank you, Minnie. Katja
Reply by Jody Jaress on September 14, 2009 at 2:48am
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These videos are always so facinating. Thank you for finding and sharing this particulary beautiful one.
You are most welcome , whoever you are, Jasna. Are you an artist or a person who is related to art? In case you are you too can join this site & participate in the discussions posted here. Thank you very much.
Milivoj Šegan said:
I apologize that I came across a site g Šegan respected because I'm not a member, I hope that you will not resent me because I felt the urge to express. Another nice greetings to all. Jasna Dragun
Milivoj Šegan said:
Respect, I would comment the role of women and equality in the arts than men. But it is a very complex subject and at the global level, the importance of women and that her first in this man's world, even today. The woman is a mother, housewife, worker, grandmother, and to become successful should give it all and focus to just one goal, in this case - Art. Men are easily go under the pretext of the artist in his own world where they have proven themselves as the best. A woman needs to sublimate all of everything that makes it a woman and therefore miss the opportunity and not expose itself at the expense of something else. Are rare in science and art that is dedicated only this one goal. Just as a woman without whom all these successful men would not be successful. Thank you for your attention. nice greetings to everyone from the Croatian. Jasna Dragun





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