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My dear artist friends, given an opportunity and guidance/training,  will you create Science-art?

Please let us know why you said 'yes' or 'no' as we are conducting a survey for a research project on the subject.

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In my own way, I already have.  There is a "mental plane / science" section in my metaphysical web art project with gallery pages for physics, astronomy, terrains, and organics themed images.
Thanks for the reply, David. Glad to hear that you are already into science-art. Please give us more details about this project.

I perceive the vibratory nature of things and the significance of consciousness and our identity as conscious rather than beings.  One part of my web art project is organized into symbolic planes: physical, astral, causal, mental, light, sound, creation, and bliss.  The mental section has four sub-divisions: art, science, letters, and math, with the science sub-section divided into organics, terrains, astronomy, and physics galleries.  For every themed gallery page in my project, I portray the theme in an artistic way.  There is immense variety in the 10,000+ pieces I have already finished.  Example from physics: 

web site:

No friend science  is not my subject but  everthing  that you Creat by brain

all the best

Hi my darling friend, long time not coming I'll explain you later why, and if you tell me what do you want or an idea to create Science Art maybe I can do it.

hugs and my hart for you my dearest Krishna

I am an engineer and the professional career is over.I am a  retired person now , painting and Art is my hobby.Given an opportunity I am willing to receive guidance.Thanks for the message.
Well, it will depend of my available time, but, probably yes as this is somethings I used to do a few years ago for magazines and museums...


Yes I do,

When a play with "Lego" with my grand child i  explain to him a lot of mechanical principles [ - mecanic Science ]

Yes. I will create special Science-art for project or anything else. I have already created some of symbols and diagrams for Scientific paintings. physics and geology is more interested subject to create art out of  understanding of natural hazards the remediation of environmental problems 


Sure. As a teacher, I'm always interested in learning.

They say that human beings got where they are today, after nearly 7 millions years of presence on earth,  on account of their intellignece. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going asked Gaugin. Should be questions to be asked every day, by intelligent beings. I think that it is more important to progress in the precision of the question than on the answer itself; anyhow, that is what we have done about the question "To be or not to be", with Shakespeare, hundreds of years ago, and about the question "What is to be", thousands of years ago, with the Greeks of Antiquity.  I think science wants to know and understand everything; there is certainly a scientific part in art. To be open minded and take care not to simply loose our identity,  that's progressive evolution. Take care also not to bring down statues just to be replaced by other statues; I don't like the idea of being  part of an ant colony, even if I respect ants for being part of life. At the end, let's not forget that as bright as our intelligence can be, it is limited. We hope there is a Great Spirit that help us when we are bright anough to listen and understand it's manifestations.

  On the other hand, I believe art should be able to express also without holding a flag, a banner or a cause. Almost anything can become art as long as it is artistic. That is where art and science are two different things. The fundamental is: what is artistic and what is not?

   I don't really like to put in a scientific formula  my artistic experience; there are often prejudice in the scientific community; but it is human... Even if almost everything can be put in a mathematical formula.

  Finally, I am curious about your Science-art mainly because it is about art. I would like to know more about what you expect out of me.

Marcel Charest, ac.

Very interesting replies. Want to read more. Keep them coming!





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