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My dear artist friends, given an opportunity and guidance/training,  will you create Science-art?

Please let us know why you said 'yes' or 'no' as we are conducting a survey for a research project on the subject.

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Complexe or simple? Some say that when you are right about something, you don't write 40 pages to say it, all is said. In art world, sometimes, when a work seems to go nowhere, if you keep up with patience, something new and good happens; but, then, you can say that about all other human domaines. I appreciate a lot when established scientifics consult children in school; the imagination of children who have never been confronted to some problem can be very motivating, even if it seems impossible on account of present technology. 500 years before Christ, in Athens, a Greek philosopher invented an atomic vision of the universe; he did not have the technology to  illustrate it, but he had that scientific insight. In Occident, we can say thanks for a lot of Greek inventions. In Occident, we can say thanks also to Orient. Marco Polo reported in Italy, when he came back from Orient, that he saw boats that could permit Europeans to cross the Oceans; of course, at first, the Europeans rejected the idea and thought Marco was creazy. But, we all know what happened with the Caravelle after. 

   I think that all human beings should take care of their thoughts; some day, after a day, a year, a century, or a millénium, our thoughts become reality. When I was a schoolteacher, each year I said that to my pupils.  It is like as if our thoughts always existed, but we just discover them. In extention, some say that we always existed in other forms and that we dicided ounce  to live human experience for a limited time. At this moment, we are very far from everyday occupations; we have the privilege to do so. But, let's not disconect with our environment because it could be fatal. 


Marcel Charest, ac

Yes, I would. I would like to participate in any research project regarding art, science, science of art, or art in science. Do you know that Copernicus change the order of solar system, placing the sun in the centre, because of his aesthetic feelings. Ptolomy's system didn't look to him nice, and therefor convincing.


I'm surely would! with time :D




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