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 Mr. Liviu Iliescu, a member of Art Lab, is proposing to teach Bioptical techniques for a group of amateur artists here on Art Lab. He has more than 50 years of experience in this area. With the help of simple drawings he explains things and answers your questions. It is a sort of experiment on interactions between science and art. If more than five members come forward to learn the techniques, I will add a group and we can go forward. Please let me know if you are interested in joining the experiment. We will try to get some artists from elsewhere too. You don't have to worry about the science part of it, it will be simplified for you to understand easily.

This is a free course and you need not pay any money to learn the techniques.

If you want to join the group or want to ask questions, please  leave a reply here.

The group is open now. You can join the course here:

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I would like to learn the techniques. The slidshow below is acomplashed useing the free version 3.1 of truespace

Find more photos like this on SaveNaturefree Here.

I wish to learn bioptic art!  

Hello Dr. Krishna..I would like to join this group too..

  • Me apunto
  • Translation : I sign

please add me to the class.

Hi I would like to learn this if possible. 

Thank you


I am interested in learning Bioptical techniques...please add my name to this group.

Please add me to the group!

Eager to learn this technique for quite awhile!

I am interested to know more

I think  it is a great initiative. I am not an artist - just an art collector.

Will it be an open class on the network? If it is open to all the members of the network , I will  first check things out and if the course is easy and interesting to learn, I will join the course later.



Same here. Like Aruna, I will first check things out and if the course is easy and interesting to learn, I will join the course later.

I would be interested in participating....


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