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People are asking me why I want to do research in the field of art. And here is my answer:

Research helps us understand the art world in a better way. I have already done some research on Art Collectors - to get into their minds & see what goes on there - to know what type of art work they prefer, what colors, what price range they usually choose. Because if we know all these details we can sell our art work well by marketing our work in the way they want. That is how research helps. Some of the auction houses & art galleries do research before entering into business.
Also, if you want to organize a show in a foreign country, if you study & find out what type of art work the foreigners prefer from your country, you can do your work accordingly & sell successfully.
There are several other advantages but I gave only one as everybody is interested in selling art these days.
Research also helps us understand what goes on around the world in the art studios, galleries, auction houses, shows, markets, etc., so that we can plan & move ahead without any hindrance.
Doing research in art is very easy & not difficult like in the field of science. Just plan how to go about it, collect the data from various sources, analyze it & present it so that everybody can understand what goes on in the art world.
Research throws light & surely we can't work in darkness.
Now, friends, do you prefer light or darkness on your way up? If you prefer light - welcome to the world of research.

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