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I read news about an artist smashing Ai Wei Wei's 'work of art.' The artist says the show only promotes artists with fame even though the art works are not 'good enough'. I can understand the frustration of the artist. But that is how things work here. What is more shocking is some comments below the video also show this frustration among the artists.
What is the way forward to combat this frustration. Giving all artists a chance to shine too or let them vent their anger like this?

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It is a strange world we live in. I think this guy was very brave and his statement more that just anger to me. If we look closely we will see that an object somebody has attributed the value of a million dollars, shatters into pieces, because in actual fact it is just clay. Value is placed on things of no value at all.
The Art world is a difficult one to enter and become successful in, just like any other big business, and like most things it is ussually who you know and not what you know...

That is how things work here. Moreover some artists here  in this part of the world complain that well established artists don't allow others to grow. They manipulate the art world and try to 'enhance' their brand value while suppressing others.  This manipulation of the art market should change. A chance should be given to everybody to shine.

Totally agree. :)

I agree too. The market of art is corrupted with dirty money. There are a few getting fabulous amounts of money and appearing incessantly on the media, while others, much many others that don´t have space to present his/her art.




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