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I am very passionate about Art since my childhood & started painting when I was very young.
But because of my academic career I wasn't active till 2006. In 2006, I started painting again.

I used to wonder why there wasn't much work related to science in art. The reasons , I now think, are two:
1. Artists usually don't have in depth knowledge about science which is necessary to get the themes from science.
2. Scientists who have the knowledge will be too busy to create art.

So science & art remained two separate entities & very little work is available in art which is related to science. A few people from the field of science ( after searching the entire www, I found about 20 scientists who are doing art work ) tried to create art but their work is mainly based on figures already available in science text books.
So I thought I should set a new trend altogether. And my " Art From Science " experimentation
started two years back. I took themes from science & my lab I painted the pictures. When my website went on line in May 2008 my friends told me there was no such on line art gallery that dealt with paintings based on science on WWW. I too searched & searched but couldn't find any. So it was first of its kind " Art From Science " on line art gallery that dealt with paintings on www. I was pleasantly surprised!
And within six months of starting my gallery, I was all over the globe & people from all parts of the world welcomed me with warm hugs & lots of love supporting, encouraging & appreciating my work. And would you believe this- I have more artist friends now than scientist friends?
I get several messages & E-mails from people all over the world daily. I am over whelmed by this response & again pleasantly surprised by this acceptance of my work in the art world. It gave me great strength & encouragement to go on & on.. Now nothing can stop me. I am more into art than science now & am really surprised by these turn of events.
I thank the people in the art world for accepting me - an outsider - as one of them & showering me with love & affection.

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