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Q:How come the nicest people get treated badly?  

Krishna: It is the mentality of some people. They treat niceness as weakness and ill treat or ignore people with this quality. Also as people don’t find any threat from nice human beings, they don’t take them seriously.

That is why the wise give this advice : Be nice, but always carry a long stick while doing that. 

Q: How do you pick yourself up after a failure?

Krishna: I would thoroughly analyse the situation in a neutral manner to avoid putting the blame on someone else. If I find my efforts ‘re substandard, I would rectify my mistakes and try again.

In case I find external factors responsible for my failure, I would request others involved to co-operate in correcting the situation. If they refuse, I myself go and try to correct them without anybody’s help avoiding people who are responsible for the disaster.

If the situation is beyond my control, I still do my best the next time time too to see if I could still learn from the situation.

Failures do happen despite your best efforts. They are a challenge and I love dealing with challenges. They make me strong more and more. Each time I surmount them, I get a thrill.

“Life without problems is like a school without classes. You don’t learn your lessons”.

Q: What is the meaning of your name ( I am not from your region and therefore don't know it)?

Krishna: Krishna means black in Sanskrit! I am quite the opposite though in reality!

The word Kumari is derived from the Sanskrit Kaumarya, meaning "princess".

It also means ‘maiden’: used in some courtesy titles for young women like Miss or mademoiselle or signorina denoting the status of a girl.

Challa means buttermilk (cool and good in hot weather)!

So my name says I am ‘black princess (miss) buttermilk’ which makes me laugh and laugh! :)

Q: What small thing can tell you a lot about a person?  

Krishna: His use of words while talking!

Q: Why do people lie or hide things from others just for the sake of projecting themselves as good persons?  

Krishna:  I recently read a report that says what majority of the people try to be on social media is fake most of the time. But still they are living a virtual dream! They very well know, they can’t be exactly like that in real life.

Most people want to look good, get praises, up votes, likes, claps etc. They want to be a ‘perfect’ hero, don’t they? They want to sell you a dream personality.

Want to buy it?

They hate trolling, down votes and all the negative things. They very well know they can’t sell these things. They realize they can’t win a popularity contest with these things.

But do people doing this really think all that praise they are getting perfectly true? Are all virtual friends you buy with these methods real? Is their personality truly spotless?

The innocent fall for this play. The wise smile and move on.

Q: Why have people a need of being led? I always have to be the leader of the group, I hate this position because my friends seems more like my babies than partners. If something gets wrong is totally my fault even if I'm not directly correlated with that and if I don't take the position, nobody does.  

Krishna: Mental weakness! What else is responsible?

But not everybody will be like that!

I hate being led by some one. I never follow anybody but take inspiration from mentally very strong people.

For this to happen, you got to be completely independent, critical thinker. You got to be very confident about yourself.

You should have the courage to take total responsibility for your good and bad decisions, accept both your strengths and weaknesses, ability to correct yourself and go alone (very high positions will mostly be lonely) and swim against the current.

Tall order. Why would people choose difficult things when easy options are available?

Q: What is the height of Indian hypocrisy?

Krishna: Indian Media promoting pseudo-science like astrology.

Q: What are some of the best examples of hypocrisy in India?  

Krishna: Media here promoting pseudo-science like astrology without any regrets!

Q: Thinking about presentations you attend, what are the top things speakers do that bore you silly?  

Krishna: Choosing old topics, emphasis on beliefs and opinions not facts, tasteless humour, ‘over-exaggeration’, loudness, acting silly, laughing out loud, pretensions and…ignorance.

Q: How do you make hard decisions?

Krishna: By critically analyzing each and every aspect of the problem and selecting what I think is right in a given situation.

Q: Why are film stars and singers more famous than scientists? 

Krishna: People don’t understand science and scientists like they do music, films, singers and actors. The minds of the men on the street prefer simple things to complex ones because it is difficult to analyse the latter ones.

When some people can take you to easier dream worlds, where is the need for going for a difficult complex situations where reality is bitter and shocking?

When emotions rule the world, why would people prefer people with high IQs and medium EQs?

Why it is difficult for scientists to have high EQs

The truth is people cannot relate to scientists like they can to rock and movie stars.

But science is the real hero: It fuels the economy, it feeds the world, it fights the disease and does much, much more!

When you are sleeping cosily in your comfortable bed, it is the scientists who are toiling day and night in their labs fighting difficult and harmful things and making life more comfortable, easier and prolonged for you!

Q: What is the creepiest message you have ever received?
Krishna: A message from a Hollywood producer who I treated like a father asking me to marry him … and when I refused … threatening me (using very abusive language) that he would kill me by sending hit squads to India. I still have his messages in the personal boxes of my G-mail. I was shocked but hit the ‘ignore’ button. Our common friends asked him to back off…
Then four months after I received the threat I got a message from one of our common friends saying that he died of drug overdose. Felt sorry for him.

Q: Why do you have to pay for going against powerful people or authority?
In my office HR & managers did wrong & I was quite but I was having resentment so one day spoke up. I had to pay for it by getting written warning without any fault. In one online forum, I tried to give my views just once which were different from. They removed my profile & blocked my ID.
Krishna : Because they have power and authority that enhance their egos and suppress their fear of paying themselves!

Q: Have you ever met your fans in real life?

Krishna: Yes, earlier I used to meet some of them. But to tell you the truth, I didn’t like meeting them even a bit. Because …

Most of them said things that might cause arrogance in me.

They wasted my time by talking silly things.

Their perception of what I say shocked me.

Their view of the world is completely different from mine.

Some of them asked me to marry them!

Some started stalking me.

Some who don’t have any knowledge about science started giving me advises on how to go about in scientific research and suggested topics to do research.

They really are strange people! It is difficult to bear their admiration.

Hmmm! Now I run away from them and refuse to meet most of them.

I am an introvert and so much attention makes my brain go heywire! Sorry folks. 

Q: What if everything and everyone in your life left you?  

Krishna: So what?! I can live on my own. I am totally self sufficient and don’t need any outside emotional or other support.

And I can help others - who are in the same situation - to cope with it by being a role model.

Strength, Peace and happiness comes from within you. Don’t try to search them outside and expect others to provide them to you. You will be disappointed. 

Q:Is extinguishing one’s own life the greatest sin on Earth?  

Krishna: By becoming a living being, you are in a very unique and rare (yes, rare!) positions.

Imagine some atoms coming together to form a body. It happens all over the universe.

But imagine some of those tiny bits becoming cells that has life’s characters and special ones called neurons making you conscious with their excellent work! It is very rare in the universe.

And you got this golden chance to use it perfectly well - not to waste it away. But if you choose the latter one, refuse to acknowledge its greatness, and say you don’t need it because it has a few problems, what can you call yourself?

You became a diamond, but refuse this position and choose to become a bit of coal and ash again? What can you call yourself?

You ‘re made to sit on a thrown but if you are afraid of the responsibilities that come with it and run away from it, what can you call yourself?

Give yourself a name now and describe yourself now if you want to extinguish your own life lamp.

Q: What is more difficult, being a top artist or a top scientist?  

Krishna: I am both an artist and a scientist. In fact I am a polymath and work in several fields.

I found becoming even an average scientist - leave alone a top one - is more difficult because of the tough rules science limits itself with to become perfect. Despite my thorough training in science and scientific research, I think becoming a scientist and sustaining the position is the hardest part of my life.

On the contrary, without any training, I became an artist, a writer, a poet, a designer, and several other ones with ease.

Which one is tough according to my experience? My vote instantly goes to science!

But I love challenges and working in the scientific field gives me great and unrivalled thrill. 

Q: Other than religion, what is something that is obviously fake that amazes you by the number of people who believe it to be real?  

Krishna: Astrology, alternative medicines, nutritional supplements and fad diets, detoxification scams, ‘pseudo-science' explaining traditional and cultural rituals.

All true scientists are fighting them now!

Q: How can I stop people from bullying me? 

Krishna: Bullying is a sort of soft terrorism causing severe emotional distress to victims. Bullies themselves have some mental issues like low confidence ( that is why they do it when they think they have support from their peers and choose a victim who they think is 'soft'), sadism, mis-placed vengeance and pseudo-ego.

The best way to confront them is to show strength ( not brought by violence) and power. If they think they cannot get away with what they are doing, they will not bully you. Gather support for you. Show them you are not weak. Show them you are strong mentally. Show them you have power. ...and they will not come anywhere near you.

Q: Why would you put your parent in a nursing home instead of hiring home care?
Do you expect full perfect attentive care by the nursing staff without thinking logically that your parent has to share the nurse staff along with other clients which is a ratio of a 5 nurse team to maybe more than 30 clients?
Krishna: I never put my parents in a nursing home, old age home nor I hired home care. I looked after them myself and they loved it.

I started working from home, even set up a mini lab in my home to complete my project work.

Q: What should one do if one has been consistently facing rough times? Is it bad luck or just a bad phase? It's been more than 4 years of the same feeling. Pls help.  

Krishna: When I face what you are facing I would think in this way…

It is not bad luck…that is responsible for this crisis in my life…it is because …

I didn’t understand the circumstances properly, didn’t analyse the problems thoroughly to correct it in the right way to get rid of them.

Failures might occur in life. When they do, you should revisit your problem, analyse it thoroughly in an enlightened way and think you haven't found a proper solution to it yet and that's why you couldn't overcome it, then try to get one, increase your efficiency of the effort, plug the loopholes and go after it with all your might to defeat it.

This is a realistic way of doing things… not a positive or negative ways…

This perception helped me a lot. I am sure it would help you too. 

Q: Is atheism a belief or a conclusion?  

Krishna: It is neither a belief nor a conclusion in my view!

You critically analyse the world around you to come to a decision. And you trust your decision - not to follow any religion or worship any God - is right given the evidence and data present at the moment. It cannot be a blind belief if you follow this route.

But you are still open to explore it. Still open to consider any evidence provided by the way of scientific process. So it is not a full conclusion.

I am only following the scientific methodology like majority of the scientists do.

Q: If a baby were raised by 4 people who speak different languages, would the baby learn to speak all of those languages fluently?  

Krishna: It is quite common in India for some people to learn 3–5 languages as India is a country of several languages and people around speak in different dialects. You need not have parents who speak in different languages. I myself can speak five languages. I learnt French when I was 20, although not fluent in the language, I can manage well.

I have heard about people who can speak in scores of languages, even though they ‘re raised by single language speaking parents.

So how well you can learn several languages actually depends on your surroundings and your interest in learning various languages.

Q: To what extent does our environment influence our thoughts?  

Krishna: For people who have a strong mind of their own, never.

For people who are ‘sheeples’ most of the time.

For ‘in-betweens’, sometimes. 

Q: How do you do the things you don't want to do?  

Krishna: I never do things I don’t want to, no matter what. Before doing something I analyse it neutrally and totally. If the analysis says, I am not supposed to do it, my mind doesn’t accept going the opposite way under any circumstances. So I try to find a way out that is acceptable to everybody around. And I walk out of the situation with the least damage possible.

I never turn back and look at it with regret. Period!

Q:How difficult is to understand others viewpoint in your own situations?  

Krishna: Not at all difficult if you have an open mind. But after analyzing them, if you reject them just based on their merit of usefulness to your situation, that doesn’t mean you don’t understand them.

Most of the time, you should be the best analyzer of your situation, because nobody can understand you and your situation like you yourself can do. If you cannot do that because of a screwed mind in difficult conditions, you can take the help of others’ analyses but they should be considered and scrutinized thoroughly before accepting them. 

Q: Do people with higher EQ win more friends in life than people with high IQ?

Krishna: They might temporarily. But imagine this ...  if you pretend what you are not, if you manipulate emotions to gain friendship or love, can that last long? It is an artificial life!

If you remain silent even though your friend is making mistakes, ignore your children who are behaving badly to maintain good relationships, will that make you a good friend or parent? Can simulated sweet talk and mildness solve the problems more accurately? 

I am told some people just ignore the bad behaviour of others to maintain good relationships with them. Some praise the deeds of their friends and loved ones even though they are below average stunting their growth. 

Visit FB pages and you will find several examples of such behaviour - people praising  the selfies, pets, plants, houses, furniture and what not of their 'friends' all the time.  People with high IQs desist this fake life. 

I think an intelligent person should face reality as it is and should be able to show it to others too. S/he should help them improve themselves by doing so. That is the real mark of goodness or greatness.

Well, yes, that is why people of science, who follow the IQ way are less popular! :)

Q: How was your journey to become what you are?  

Krishna : Very thrilling! Highly challenging! Completely satisfying! Totally fulfilling!
  Q: How does one get courage/confidence/belief to pursue something with uncertain/unclear future which others do not?  

Krishna: With full and correct knowledge, ability to analyze the situation you are in thoroughly and critically, and finding creative and realistic solutions to the problems you face!

So correct, critical and creative are the key points.

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