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Journalists, this is for you ...

I got two messages yesterday - one from a very worried pregnant lady... and another one from a student who got very scared because of  badly written articles on eclipses in news papers. The messages went like this... 

Q: Today my mother told me not to eat anything from 5 pm to 8:45 pm (today’s eclipse duration) because eating food in that duration can make me ill for 3 months. She also told me to take a bath immediately after the eclipse has finished. Is it all true according to science?  

After reading this article whose link I gave above, I really got scared.
Krishna: No! Not according to science.

I eat during eclipses, go out and watch them, do whatever I want to do, and don’t take a bath after all this celestial drama. My parents and even grand parents never followed these rituals suggested by your mother!

And nothing bad has happened to any of our family members because of this.

Coming out of that rut is the best thing to do. And science assures you, you will be alright despite disobeying your mother.

Q: I am pregnant. I am scared of eclipses and stories people tell about them.
After reading the article whose link I gave above, I am convinced what my mother told me 's true. I don't want to take any risks and endanger the life of my child. Am I right in my thinking?

Krishna: The links you scared minds provided have cunning write-ups. The writer cleverly puts both views before you - the superstitious beliefs and the scientific one (journalists call this balancing things and reporting things in an unbiased way but this "false impartiality" of presenting the views of tiny and unqualified minorities as if they have the same weight as the scientific consensus based on facts is one of the biggest blunders of science journalism). But after telling all the superstitious beliefs in an elaborated way, he or she just added a small sentence at the end of the para that according to science there is ‘no evidence’. The short sentence at the end doesn’t impress people. Those who fear eclipses will read the entire para and think all that is true. Then their fear makes them blind to the last sentence.

The short last sentence is the fact! But the way the writer put it made it very insignificant! What a mess!

Then a big list of bad things that could happen was given... Like this...

Some of the common beliefs include:
Not to come out, eat or cook during eclipse. All these can develop deformities in the baby. 
Take bath only once the eclipse is over.
Avoid any household work during the eclipse and take rest.
Avoid using sharp objects like knife and scissor as it can cause cleft lip or birthmark on the baby.

According to Indian culture, lunar eclipse is considered as a bad omen which can be harmful for pregnant women, (and then added finally)  ''while many cultures don't agree with such a philosophy''.

There are people who still believe that during lunar eclipse, they might develop heart related diseases, breathing trouble, insomnia, stress, cough and cold, fear and mood swings. Hence, they avoid going outside. It is also believed that exposure to lunar eclipse might also lead to mental imbalance and lunacy.

'There is no medical evidence ' but people still believe that eclipse could affect their health and could also impact their mental health. They have this belief that the eclipse can impact people's behaviour, their health, wealth or even their luck may lead to cosmological influence on human life.However, it must be noted that there is no scientific backing to these claims. 

 If you still want to take precautions and follow these tips, you must as it is only a matter of a few hours for the eclipse to last ( what a  blunder this writer committed! Instead of assuring people that nothing bad would befall, she or he cunningly adds the last bit - so that  he or she disguisingly agree with the superstitious and not to distance the people who follow them!) 
And still continued this nonsense in this way ...
Another belief is that lunar eclipse does effect on the hormones, especially a woman's monthly cycle and fertility.

AVOIDING EATING OR COOKING DURING AN ECLIPSE: Sun rays are important for our health and are considered as one of the vital energies that ensure survival. These rays also protect us from harmful microbes and germs. But during an eclipse, as the sun gets blocked, it obstructs its rays too. Hence, there can be a drop in temperature which can lead to a buildup of germs, microbes and bacteria.

(The second link article)

Any critical thinker would ask these Qs after reading this:  Don't all the food grains in the field get exposed very badly to microbes if that is true? During night don't they get  a bad treatment from the germs then?

Doesn't the water in rivers and canals too get exposed to these condition too? 

If we are not supposed to Eat and Drink the left over food or water in our homes after the eclipses, are we supposed to fast for whole one year or forever till our death as we have to consume food and water which is out there in open in fields and in rivers?

Do we need to evaporate all the water on earth and then re-create it by some process by mixing hydrogen and oxygen and then grow food? Do we need to throw away food grown in the fields exposed to rays of sun and moon during eclipses?

Don't animals out in the open get exposed to 'eclipses'? Don't pregnant animals in the wild eat, sleep, drink (water), during eclipses? Are they following these superstitions? Despite that aren't they giving birth to healthy offspring? Why do we still fear eclipses and other natural phenomena?  What a mess the human mind has become? And we call ourselves the most evolved  animals and think we have a very advanced thought process! How wrong we are?

Do Westerners follow these rituals? No, they don't! Aren't they giving birth to healthy babies?

Has any journalist questioned in this way? 

What ridiculous ways these journalists spread fear and superstitions!

Very bad journalism!  Journalists following me,  please learn lessons from this.

You if speak facts, people with irrational beliefs might turn away from you and even attack you. I  am getting attacked and sometimes very severely. But when you are fighting a war against bad things in our  society, you shouldn't fear such things and try to 'compromise or balance things' like cowards. Do you give same {or sometimes more importance ( to bad things? )} to these things:  ignorance and knowledge, superstitions and rationality, misconceptions and facts? Doesn't the world stay where it is instead of progressing if you do that???

This journalist made a mistake of giving more importance to superstitious beliefs in his or her write up and in the process not only scared people very badly but made them stick to their irrational beliefs more closely. No wonder, we are going backwards. 

To the lady who wrote to me: My sister, when she was pregnant, never followed these superstitions during eclipses. In fact none of our family members followed them. But all the pregnant ladies in our family gave birth to normal babies. No harm has befallen our family inspite of going against 'unwanted suggestions and advises' of people around. 

Because we trust in what science says. And science has never let us down. It will never betray you too.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support what people believe irrationally and say. You have pregnant wild animals out in the open who are giving birth to healthy offspring after eclipses as evidence. We are eating eclipse-exposed food in the fields and drinking water from water bodies exposed to eclipses all these years without any bad consequences. Isn't that evidence enough? Trust that evidence. Think about that and what science says. 

Come follow me and the scientific way I tread on. Your fear will melt away. And you will become stress free. That will benefit the baby in your womb a lot.

Go out and watch this celestial thrill...


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In this space age, where new thoughts & actions of some people are taking the human kind towards development & progress, some people are refusing to come out of the boxes they live in even though the environment they are in is hindering the free, forward movement.

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