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A lady who recently lost her young grand daughter sent me a message. The message went like this:

" I stopped believing in God when we lost our beloved grand daughter. She was so young and about to give birth to her baby in about a weak. She - along with the foetus in her womb - was killed in a freak accident. God, if he really is there, had no mercy. Why should he take away our beloved child from us at this stage? If he wants to take her, why did he give her to us in the first place? Why did he make her pregnant? After presenting with so many gifts, he suddenly snatched everything that belonged to us. He is so unkind!"

I felt very sorry for the lady. It is easy to get highly emotional under such circumstances.

But the first thoughts that  came to me after reading her message were "Your child?" "Who is yours?" " Is anything in this universe yours?" " The words 'I, me and mine' are meaningless here!"

You might be surprised to hear these words from me. They might sound bitter but they are true, hundred percent. My art work Universal Philosophy says...

When I was reading Hindu religious books sometime back, I found a striking resemblance between description of God in those books & energy in Laws of  Conservation of Energy. In a world where there is clash between science & religion, I thought, there is one area that can bring harmony between the two. According to some religious books God is in the form of a very bright light-without a beginning or an end-filling the whole space in the universe. Goddess Adishakti (adi=beginning, shakti=energy) is one of the first formed Gods & Goddesses in this universe. It is said that Shakti is the power & energy with which the universe is created, preserved, destroyed & recreated by the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva. Science says there was only energy in the beginning.

Holy books say According to science
  1. God can neither be created nor destroyed
  2. God is present in each and every atom of this universe.
  3. God remains constant.
  4. God present in one form changes to another form but there is no destruction to Him.
  1. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
  2. All forms of energy exhibit mass & all mass is a form of energy.
  3. Energy remains constant.
  4. Energy can be converted from one form
    to another i.e., if it disappears in one form
    it reappears in another form

 My painting starts with Adishakti- who was described as a female in the religious books. Then I  painted big bang- formation of the universe- transformation of energy into mass- birth of galaxies &  stars- transformation of mass & energy from one form (body) to another- Sun, one of the stars, and  the earth-& things that happen on earth-some of the energy and atomic cycles.  

 An atom (red dot in the painting) that is a part of you now can become a part of a plant or a tree in  your garden or your pet dog or a hill- while you are living or after your death. If it disappears from  here, it reappears somewhere else. Everything came from cosmic energy & mass & return to it in  the end. This universe runs on mass & energy cycles- where life &death are relative terms & words  like I & mine become meaningless. Here nothing-not even your body- is yours!

 A person who understands this philosophy prays to God, “Lord, whoever or whatever I come  across, I treat him, her or it as you & worship. Whoever you come across, treat him or her as me  & shower your kindness!” Which means there is no difference between one & the other, anybody or  anything in this universe. We are all one and the same! This universal philosophy is the theme of  my painting.

My article science-tries-to-strengthen-your-minds-permanently-by-making-you- realize reality says ...

We all came from star dust and energy. And go to it again. In never ending cycles, each atom of our bodies goes to other forms, including the living ones both while we are still living and after our deaths. Atoms from other bodies come to us. There will be atoms that have been inside a living cell that started 3.5 billion years ago on our planet and are still in living cells today. Matter will be turned into energy and energy into mass. We belong to everything and everything belongs to us! A group of cells composed of atoms and energy in our brains makes us conscious with their work. It is the reason why we think, feel emotions including pain. But can't we channel that consciousness into realizing reality and face it with courage? We can, certainly!

We all belong to one universe. We were born here as a result of coming together of a few atoms and some energy and the resultant consciousness. In the end we will return to the place where we came from. The bits and energy our bodies are made of will be returned to the universe for the recycling process to continue. .

In the process we meet some forms like us who too came together with the help of atoms and energy and consciousness, who we call relatives and friends and inanimate things like our houses, cars, money etc. which we think are ours. They are ours only till we are here as conscious beings. Realize this. They are actually owned by the universe we came from, not us. And go back to it! That is the eternal truth!

Yes, our beloved ones who departed from us will still be there in the configuration of scattered particles and energy in this universe. But not in the conscious shapes we interacted with during their life times. We will never meet them again in those appearances we are familiar with once they die. We can only see them in our dreams as our brains try to comfort us by showing their pictures. That is all.

After our deaths and destruction we too return back to the universe as individual atoms and energy, to the one body that recycles them and we all belong to whether we lived with our conscious bodies or existed as inanimate forms.

It is wonderful to think we all belong to one body, the universe, that processes and reprocesses atoms and energy into different configurations, bring them together in space and time, and then change the situations again to bring in new scenes of appearances. Nobody is going anywhere here and nothing is staying here forever in one form! So no one is departing from this universe, the atoms and energy we are made of are leaving only one form and from the site we are in but still be here in other arrangements and other spots in this one entity we call universe. That is what science tells us. Isn't it comforting too to think about the truth?

Another article of mine science-s-rules-are-unyielding-they-will-not-be-bent-for-anybody- or anything

stresses this too ... 

Science and its universal rules don't work like people want them to. And these rules will not be bent in any way for anybody or anything. Even if you pray perfectly and practice priest-prescribed procedures. Your unrealistic wishes of bending Scientific rules with magical powers will never come true! Science will surrender to only science. Nothing else!

A heart beats only if it has the right conditions and sustainable bio-chemical reactions and electric pulses. A doctor's duty is just to see that these correct conditions are maintained. He will do everything that his knowledge in this regard tells him to do. But if things don't fit exactly into the rules of Science, the heart must stop working. Nothing can change it. No matter what you do outside can make it work!

Similarly a living body that has all the wrong working conditions cannot sustain for long. It has to cease to exist unless intervention takes place following scientific rules. Medical practitioners and their scientific training will have the role to do it in the way it should be done. Still if things don't fall in exact places, a body following biological rules, will stick to its predetermined course. Realize this and stay calm. Don't get emotional, become angry on doctors, attack them, or blame God.

When several factors decide outcomes, they follow the interplay of scientific rules and routes and exactly fit into the reaction realities. You have to register this in your mind to come out of the misery you are in. Watch it coolly and try to understand it. How a person survives a health condition or a catastrophe or a bad situation depends on the sum total outcomes of scientific factors occurring simultaneously. Other outside things have no effect whatsoever on it. Any connections you make between rituals/superstitions and the outcomes depend on your perceptions and experiences. A positive outcome either to you or others makes you stick with them. A negative result will make you attack them. But the net result doesn't depend on anything that is not related to it! And these unrelated factors are your beliefs, rituals, superstitions and myths.

So I told this lady, ''According to science - when your grand child was born, she didn't know about her future. She was born to live and propagate like any other life form. Then she got pregnant like any living being that reproduces in its youth. Her foetus or womb  don't know that they would not last. But when the accident happened by chance, the life system in her body could not be supported by the heavy internal bleeding. It ceased to exist. That is quite normal. Everything went according to  scientific rules. The picture is very clear. The atoms in her body and energy has been returned to the universe.  

God has nothing to do with it. 

There isn't anything you can call 'your's' in this universe. Some mass and energy were given temporarily  to become 'your grandchild'. When life couldn't sustain in her body because of the disruption due to the accident, what was given to you has to be returned to the universe, the place from where it came. That mass and energy what you called your grandchild is still there in other forms. They didn't go anywhere. If you have 'universal eyes' you can still see them. 

We are fooling ourselves! Are we accepting as fact what is actually an illusion about what or who we actually are? Perhaps we actually are a mere product of trillions of mechanisms, and we are not the special force or substance that we have convinced ourselves we are. Maybe there is no magic that produces our consciousness, just a complex multilayered ecosystem of chemical processes as we now know biological life to be. This is a temporary gift to us from the universe.

Realize this reality and peace will return to your disturbed mind.

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