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♫Through Art A Future♫

great art has a quality of the eternal no prey to fashion this
since the first Divine impulse to make marks on cave walls
We have been driven to convey messages to our fellow man
on the hunt for our survival ever has it been a tool to measure
in the hearts and souls of man the breadth of our universe
the wonders ever there waiting to be touched upon by our
questing need for answers to lifes eternal plans

how can art been measured if not in the touching of our senses
where is a meaningful measure if not through a loving heart
from a place of unconditional non judgement we can weigh
the subject there from this eternal place of dispassion
we can apportion our perceptions and present them to our public
with our love and thanks for the joy of sharing lifes journey
from this sacred place

without love without wonder how can mankind ever aspire to
join the celestial ranks beauty ever informs us and on a chemical
level it heals us through our dna what a joy in this knowing
what a duty we have to present this if we wish to co-create
a finer world ever it is in our perception that we stand or fall in life
what an opportunity we do have in this eternal moment
to grow a better place through the quality of our intentions
through all of the arts we do build a better world

in this I rest my case and ask each to search thy hearts
and to present thy sense in all of this in the sharing
of our knowledge we each do grow it makes for me a joy
of journey when we collaborate together from a place
of brotherly empathy from this sacred understanding we can
construct the blueprint for our lives such a peace in the knowing
that we dont have to live from misperception and suffer
the hell of blighted lives.... anymore

to those of you who have come this far you are the future!
humbly I ask thee to vision wisely for we do get that we wish
for. unfortunately we needs be more careful for we often attract
that which we least want through the power of our unguarded
emotions for to this our universe doth readily respond.

ever are we prey to our perceptions and how valiantly do we patch
and bail our leaking ship. It is time to see if this present worlds
ship in its present leaky form should be replaced If so what lessons
can we learn in the building of a more sea worthy vessel for we are
each the architects and the shipbuilders of our own desires this
has taken us to this time and place ever has it been thus..until now..:-

To each, thanks for taking the time to read this.
Visioning a more beautiful future for all suffering humanity
through art and the grace and love of God

All Blessings


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Art is the Universal Language taught by God with Love and Inner Peace ...
Good theme to talk about
Loving you BBill
Blessing thee in thy insightful understandings dear Sister:)
Through the inspiration of the Divine, we reveal, through the Arts.. the mysteries of life.
Enthusing and inspiring each other to the Celestial Heights ......Home again:)
Such a joy in this shared sacred journey...ever blessing thee and thine as we walk it:)
Grace and Light
Poetry on Canvas! What a wonderful way of defining art!
Blessing thee in thy empathic sharing Krishna:)
Grace and light

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa said:
Poetry on Canvas! What a wonderful way of defining art!




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