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The USA Science & Engineering Festival is the world?s largest event of its kind. Their mission is to promote STEM education, initiatives and workforce development to a K-12 audience. They reach an audience of over 250,000 students, educators and parents attending our 3 day festival in Washington DC.
Their mission includes expanding the overall knowledge base of STEM education. To that end, they have a great desire to highlight examples of the intersection of Art+Science+Education in the 2014 festival. They are aggressively seeking like-minded companies and organizations that can help them to showcase such cross-disciplinary applications. Their goal is to include examples of collaborative learning, research, and creative work that engages architecture, industrial design, engineering, digital arts, gaming, music, film, DIY/Makers, and performance. Broadly, they seek inspiring content that can tell the story of the intersection of art and science.
In order to create this pavilion to champion cross-disciplinary excellence, they are seeking commitments to partner with them to collectively fund tables, exhibits, and performance space.
They are seeking supporters in two categories, exhibitors and sponsors. In order to create a worthwhile space they need to fill at least 20 10x10 exhibit spaces.

Exhibitor info:
? Cost ? None-profit rate = $1,000 and for-profit rate = $1,500
? Each 10x10 space comes complete with one table, two chairs, pipe/drape and one 5 amp circuit.
? Any single organization can purchase no more than two booth spaces at this price. If additional space is required than that organization would increase to a sponsor at levels starting at $2,500.
Sponsor info:
? Title sponsor of the entire pavilion - $150,000
? Presented/host sponsorships - $25,000+

If you are interested in learning more about this endeavor please contact Marc Schulman, Executive Director of the USA Science & Engineering Festival, at

Thank you in advance for your interest. This is an important story to tell and we hope you can participate.
Here are a few quick facts:

1) April 25 - 27, 2014 at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in
Washington, DC.

2) Nonprofit, purely educational, inspirational and family friendly Event. FREE admission.

3) Over 250,000 K-12 students and parents, over 5,000 teachers and over 3,000 STEM professionals.

4) Exhibitor cost is minimal but the impact profound.

5) Exhibitors include more than 750 of the World's leading professional scientific and engineering societies, universities, government agencies, high-tech corporations and STEM outreach and community organizations. See list below for a sampling.

6) Hundreds of VIPs attend - the President, Nobel Laureates, key Agency leads, Hollywood Celebrities, Fortune 100 CEOs, high-tech entrepreneurs and more.

7) We are hosting the US News STEM Solutions conference, bringing in 2,500 STEM professionals from across the country and several science teacher associations including in thousands of teachers.

8) We have a number of Sponsorship and Branding opportunities still available.

Please take a quick look at the short video on our homepage with the thumbnail of the President to get a quick sense of the event.

Best Regards,

Marc Schulman
USA Science & Engineering Festival

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is a collaboration of more than 750 organizations including:

* Professional Science & Engineering Societies, including the National Academies, AAAS, American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, IEEE, American Woman in Sciences, Society of Hispanic Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers and many more.
* Universities/Colleges/Research Institutes including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, U.S. Naval Academy, J. Craig Venter Research Institute, Carnegie Institute of Sciences and more.

* Government Agencies and Federal Laboratories including NIH, NASA,USDA, EPA, DoD, DoE, CIA, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Fermi Accelerator Facility, and many more.

* High Technology and Life Science Companies including Lockheed Martin, Genentech, Baxter, Nike, Hitachi and many more.

* Science Outreach Organizations including the Smithsonian, American Museum of Natural History, The Franklin Institute, Koshland Museum, and many more.

* Community Organizations including FIRST, Girls Inc., Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and more

For more details please visit their website at

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