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There are different types of art collectors and knowing these types are important for artists and art dealers for a good marketing strategy. During my research on art collectors, I found several surprising types that I didn't even know existed. Want to know all of them? Read on..

1) Those collectors who consider art works as decorative pieces usually prefer
landscapes, flowers, animals and small statues. Prints and low priced ones attract
them the most. Interior designers normally recommend works that are decorative pieces.
Interestingly, major chunk of collectors belong to this category.
2) Art lovers passionately accumulate all kinds of art as a hobby. These people act on their
instincts and collect works that are aesthetically appealing from shows and on and off
line art galleries.
3) People who consider buying art as an investment collect works of two varieties:
(a) those created by well known artists and masters
(b) pieces that are rare works with rare theme or appeal.
These collectors consult experts in art before buying and go only for original art works.
Their usual market places are auction houses and galleries.
4) Curators who want to exhibit art for the public run museums and galleries and assemble
art from various sources.
5) Have you heard about collectors who go for "underground art" or "war art" or "colonial
art"? It is obvious that this type of art is dealt with and sold by smugglers, thieves and
people who work underground. Both sellers and buyers consider hiding the art works for
several years before bringing them back to mainstream.
6) Corporate and Public sector offices that patronize and exhibit art works in their premises.
7) Tourist art collectors who travel from one part of the world to another collect works that
reflect the religious or cultural practices of the place or country they visit.
8) Business collectors who collect art just for business purposes - to buy and sell. These
people treat art as shares in the stock market.
9) Casual collectors are those who buy art just because everybody else in their circle is
doing it- even though they don't have any interest in it! Yes, they do exist and I met them!
10) Art collectors who concentrate on work that deal with religion - like pictures of Gods
Angels and symbols used for religious practices - also support the art market.
11) People who are patrons of art - earlier they were kings and queens, princes and
princesses and those belong to "Nobel" origin - now modern day millionaires and
billionaires - consider art as status symbol. Some of these buy art for investment too!
12) Nostalgic, period or antique collectors buy old and art that has antique value.
13) Fan art collectors are fans of a particular artist and gather most of the pieces done by
this artist irrespective of theme and price.
14) Theme art collectors go for works based on a theme.
15) Attached collectors will be on the list of certain galleries and auction houses and buy
works from these places only.

These are the collectors I came across during my research. In case any of the members find any other type of art collectors, please let me know.

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Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

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Great Job Dr.Krishna! Yes I guess that covers it.In Mumbai right now theres this big demand for commisioned
painters to reproduce the old master paintings.The client gives you a pic of some 15th or 16th century painting
and asks you to replicate it on his/her wall as a mural sort of thing.
The payment ranges from 500 to 2000 per square foot depending on the intricacy of the work.Fine for money
making! But bad for a creative contemporary artist.I refused a couple of these offers just to retain my


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