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Krishna: After attaining Higher consciousness?

I will have to forget it sometimes to live like a normal being! Otherwise you cannot live a normal life!

Whether I am walking, talking, sitting, standing or awake doing things, observing things, knowledge and vision are continuously and uninterruptedly presented to me. It takes great effort to keep myself calm despite everything.

Don't misrepresent me with what is contrary to fact. I don't like that a bit! A fact should be presented as it is without exaggerating it!

You can see everything more clearly and understand very deeply.

This is the vision:

I and others too have many 'past' forms and lives, forms and 'future' forms and lives - the atoms and energy in my body taking different forms both living and non-living- that is, one birth- one form, second change from partial part of my body - with some atoms of 'my' body-another form, third change - separate entity ,… a hundred births, … a hundred thousand forms, I see myself and other beings too passing away and reappearing, inferior and superior, fair and unfair, fortunate and unfortunate, and I understand how living beings change their lives, shapes, forms in an eternal recycling drama.

And how science directs this eternal show.

That is the time

When I cannot differentiate between I and you. When I can see everybody and everything as a single unit.

My mind becomes a vacuum - there is nothing to feel , no sadness, no happiness, no jealousy, no anger, no fear, no worry, no misery, no hatred.

There's another more fundamental level to this. Transcending back to the Source (universe) makes you lose your identity as separate from the Source. You're no longer "a person." Not much to go on, is it?

Then create a goal to help everybody around. But why do you want to change the ways of the SOURCE? You ask yourself this big Q. Why?

Maybe that is one of the ways of working of the universe too.

How can you live like a human being then?

I will have to pull myself back to the usual ways. Forget all that to be myself again!

That is a great paradox!

Knowing everything but pretending not knowing it!

Realizing the eternal truth but feign ignorance!

Have great visions but invent blindness!

Want to help, but 'who', or 'what'?

One you helping another you!

You helping yourselves? Your other forms?

What do you do then?

Weave a cocoon around you to avoid this irony!

Enlightenment is realizing there is no lack or incompleteness…so being alone is completely comfortable. One who attained wisdom of the highest form would always prefer to be alone- self abiding. And find uninterrupted inner bliss!

Because there is no-nothing! Or no-anything!

Understood anything?

Q: If nothing can be done about "reaching" enlightenment and no intellectual understanding helps it, why do people still answer questions? Why does enlightenment happen and why doesn't it?

Krishna: People are curious. They have been told something. They have read something. So they want to explore it more. They want to know more about it.

Enlightenment is about Intellectual Understanding, clarity. Its a clear understanding in the Intellect about your TRUE SELF and everything else. It’s who we are 'in truth'.

The higher awareness power is in seeing more clearly and deeply rather than acquiring anything supernatural. People who say they attained super natural powers are not telling the truth.

Nobody can attain powers that can't be explained by science.

You walk some way. You don’t know whether it is the right way or not. But still you think it is the right one.

You think something with your conditioned mind. You get some answers. Some delusions. You think they are the right ones. If you believe and say that is true enlightenment?

Different folks , different strokes! Each person lives in his own madness.

But there is some light. What is it? How to understand it in a proper way?

This is my way:

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