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 Q: Is it OK to blow our own Trumpet?

Krishna: This is the question I thought about a lot. Earlier I never mentioned to anybody my achievements. I used to wonder whether  anyone really wanted to listen to me if I brag about my ideas, achievements and successes.
But I noticed during meetings,  conferences, and seminars, those who mentioned their achievements got more weightage  than I.  They got noticed a lot.
I am a woman. Then I didn't mention anything about my plus points.
Everybody ignored me.
Then I thought when this silence doesn't take you anywhere, why shouldn't I follow others who are getting noticed more than me even though I am in no way inferior to them? The dilemma I have faced for a while is if I have a powerful message for the world, how will anyone know about it if I remain shy and coy about sharing what I offer?
So without overdoing it, I started mentioning my achievements.  Now I am getting noticed too and need I mention, more than others because my achievements are better than most others' accomplishments?
So if you don't mention your achievements how will others know about them? Humility doesn't mean hiding your own accomplishments. 
This might look like blowing one's own trumpet, but this has to be done in today's competitive world to progress. I call this celebrating your success at every given opportunity. Though there is no one right or wrong way about how one should put themselves across, mildly doing it is not bad at all.

Sometimes the motivation for not celebrating your accomplishments is about not wanting to make others, who are not doing so well, feel bad. But it’s not within your power to ‘make’ anyone feel something, we’re all responsible for our own feelings. 

When we truly celebrate together, without jealousy, we energise, motivate  and uplift each other. Because we’re all connected; your success is mine, mine is yours as we share the feeling of joy.

Only you can find the confidence to say to the world ‘I’ve done well. I am skilled, knowledgeable, capable, tenacious, bold, creative’ etc.  If you don’t let others know, then promotions will pass you by. Business opportunities won’t come your way and  clients and potential collaborators won’t know just how amazing you are to work with!
So my reply to your question:
Yes, it is OK to blow your own trumpet in the initial stages of your life and career in today's world, but don't overdo it. Just the right amount will suffice and once you get the recognition, others will blow it for you. There is no need for you to do it life long.
Also keep these things in mind while doing it ....
Be precise and clear what you want to convey. Don't say a single word more than necessary.
If you are good at something, just show it, not merely say it. 
Don't be shy to tell the truth.
Say things as they are, don't add makeup to them. 
Share your wisdom.
You can do it in your own way, but don't overdo it.  
Blowing your trumpet doesn’t mean having to be an extrovert, brash, in your face and out there.
Don't allow others to overwhelm or dominate you, you should have confidence in your own accomplishments to blow your trumpet.
Don't spread falsehood.

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