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Q: What do you think of castes? Are they any good?

Krishna: Castes, races and religions don't exist for me!

They are completely irrelevant in a scientific universe!

When I come across somebody, I treat him or her as a fellow human being. Everything else is immaterial. 

I don't even know the castes of my close friends and colleagues despite years and years of closeness with them. We never talk about these things. 

I think you got your answer now.

Q: They say geniuses don't talk, they just observe and don't react. Is this true?

Krishna:  I disagree. If geniuses don't speak, and do not react to misinformation, disinformation, pseudo-science, or stupidity, the world  will become the most dumbest place in the world!

That is what science communication warns us!

Q: Can you decode the mystery of nature?

Krishna: That is what the scientists are trying to do 24x365.

But that is not easy and takes years and years of hard work. That is because of the limitations of human mind.

All that you can do is wait and watch. And have a receptive mind that can accept the evidence based facts.

Q: You are an intelligent person, a master of several fields. I wonder how you deal with unintelligent people. Do you get frustrated often?

Krishna: That is what people say - that intelligent people are loners because they can't gel well with others.

But I am 1. A person of science, and a polymath too. 2. A science communicator. 3. A person living in an ordinary world and dealing with it.

I climb up and down the ladder of diverse worlds several times in a day:

1. I climb up the ladder to go to the top - to the world of scientists and geniuses. Here I learn mind blowing things.  I love this world. It gives me a thrill.

Then I try to synthesize this knowledge to find solutions to various problems, creatively connecting various fields, gaining new insights and attaining enlightenment. 

2. As a science communicator, I try to connect the top part to the lower part. I try to share my insights with others in the easiest way possible.

3. I climb  down the ladder to communicate with the ordinary world and bring a transformation in it. I succeed most of time. When people try to understand what I am saying, I feel elated.

But I know I also disturb them most of the time. Their long held beliefs, ideas and opinions get a thorough wash up.  

When you disturb people,  they react  - but most of them  keep quiet because they respect me and  my knowledge. But some of them  - a minor part - try to create problems for me. This is the most difficult part for me to deal with. But I manage somehow.

Yes, it is difficult to deal with ignorance and irrationality. But I take it as a challenge.   I love doing this.

Yes,  I love loneliness - to gain insights. But I also love sharing my knowledge and insights too.

Instead of complaining, I want to bring others to my level so that the world becomes harmonious to deal with and live in.

Here art world has really helped me. It taught me how to interact with others in an efficient way by giving me tips on how to deal with others' emotions and how to manipulate them to make them listen to what I say. Being a polymath really helps.

This climbing up and down the knowledge ladder is highly strenuous. But there is no other go but to do this exercise daily. If we want a stable world, this is the only way to go.

Q: They say it is difficult to understand geniuses. How can we deal with this problem?

Krishna: Recently an interesting thing happened. Read this quote: 

“Prayer is you talking to your imaginary God, but when God starts talking back to you - it's a sign of schizophrenia!”

I deliberately posted this quote  on a social media site and asked people to tell me what they understood. And none could do this!

Shall I tell you why? To understand this quote

1. People will have to know  the signs of schizophrenia 

2. They will have to know what atheism is and how an atheist thinks

3. Then they should be able to connect various things 

4. People should have a level of knowledge, understanding and analysing and connecting capacities to understand this quote. 

If they don't have these capabilities, they can't understand this quote. Whether you like to hear this or not - majority of people can't do all the things mentioned above. 

Leave alone geniuses, you can't even understand  ordinary things if you live in a hole your whole life.

Come out of the holes you live in and see the wide world outside.  Broaden your world to live atleast an average life.

Q: Why do some people do bad things and get away with it?

Krishna: That is because you allow such things! Try resisting bad behaviour - you might encounter resistance in the beginning but if you  persist with courage and patience, you can definitely put an end to bad situations. 

 Q: Do highly intelligent people argue?

Krishna: Yes, why not? If somebody says something stupid and is spreading it, keeping quiet is not the right way. However,  there is a difference between ordinary arguments and what highly intelligent people do,  the latter indulge in intellectual debates — but there’s a big difference between that and an argument. 

If you can't differentiate between the two, it is your inadequacy!

Q:In what way intelligent people deal with the problems that is different from ordinary way of doing it?

Krishna: Ordinary people pray and think somebody who resides in the sky will solve their problems. Scientists and geniuses try to prevent and perform the last rites on these problems!

Q: Dr. Krishna, this is my personal question. Hope you would answer it because I am in a very  desperate situation. 

I am in love with my colleague. I want to marry him but my parents are opposing this. They try to point out all the negative things in him and say I won't be happy with him. What should I do?

Krishna: Hmmm. Why do we hear the same story over and over again?

Let me start my reply with a recently happened incident. I don't discuss movies and serial stories but when I think they are doing some harm to people who watch them, I try to bring this to their notice.

In one of the stories,  the hero acts very badly hating and abusing his mother, harassing the heroine because she made friendship with another guy, breaking up with his girl-friend because she wanted to pursue higher studies and acts in a manner that brings disgust to any self-respecting woman. 

However, I noticed, several young girls who 're this hero's fans think all that is oaky! Some even said the hero's action 's cute. 

I was horrified! Just because you like a hero or a character in a drama, can you appreciate his abusive behaviour? 

But then that is what blind love and admiration do to a person! That is how some girls fall in love with bad guys and suffer. 

So your parents think your guy is not good. Have you tried to analyse things neutrally? And also from your parents' view? 

I will not say your parents are right. They may hate your colleague because, they might have analysed him through their conditioned minds.  

Here anybody could be right and anybody could be wrong. 

And not all human beings are completely bad or completely good. You get several shades of human behaviour in this world. 

So the first thing you should do is decide what type you can be comfortable with and what type you can't bear. 

To be comfortable in any relationship, the positives should outweigh the negatives. Then only you will be satisfied with it. 

After deciding this, you should try to analyse your colleague's personality. Completely neutrally first, then from your parents view too. Then if you think your parents are not right in their analysis, you can ignore their views and go ahead with this guy. Here your unbiased analysis is very important. Don't come under the influence of your parents or your love for this guy.

Once you come to a conclusion, stick with it. 

As an outsider, I can only give you this advice. 

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