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Q: Why do people create jokes using only women?

Krishna: Yes, I have seen almost always these jokes are on women degrading them. In some cases, jokes about stereotypically depicting women and girls as persons with low IQ - showing them  behaving in a silly way have been told to me.  In these jokes girls always say  silly and meaningless things.

Like all humour based on stereotypes, jokes on women are considered offensive to many people, particularly women.

But what pains me the most is some women themselves supporting these vulgar jokes and telling me to treat them as just jokes. They even ask me to enjoy them. 

This is so disgusting. 

However, feminists, women with self respect, scientists and psychologists  disagree with this view. Click on these links and read the articles....

Sexist Humor No Laughing Matter, Psychologist Says

exposure to sexist humor can lead to toleration of hostile feelings and discrimination against women.

Your Demeaning Jokes Are Everything But Funny And Harmless

Disparagement humor is paradoxical: It simultaneously communicates two conflicting messages. One is an explicit hostile or prejudiced message. But delivered alongside is a second implicit message that “it doesn’t count as hostility or prejudice because I didn’t mean it — it’s just a joke.”
These women fail to realise how harmful these seemingly innocent things are. That shows the inadequacy in their thinking. And how they themselves are contributing to the degradation of their own kind. 

Women are their own worst enemies

There 's a distinct undercurrent of meanness and negativity plaguing our gender. Any suggestion that women are co-architects of their unhappiness for failure to prosper [was considered to be] tantamount to misogyny, horizonal hostility and internal sexism.

If some women themselves support these sexist jokes, then you can't complain about men anymore. 

When will these women realize their mistakes?

Q: Can you share your experience when you experienced miracles in your life to give me a hope as I also need a miracle to continue my life?

Krishna: Miracles don’t happen without human effort and interference.

Miracles happen when you become mentally strong.

Miracles happen when you analyse your problem critically and take steps to rectify the situations.

Miracles happen when you have determination and resilience.

Miracles happen when you put your sincere efforts and work your way through difficulties.

Miracles don’t happen just like that. If anybody says they do, they are misleading you.

Life isn’t easy to live at all! We, as human beings with intelligence, should realize this first.

Q: Could you bump into your ex in heaven or does God deliberately place them in a corner very far away?

Krishna: :) There is no evidence of heaven, GOD, soul and after life. So if you can imagine them, you can very well imagine about meeting your ex in Heaven and fighting with her/him again. And you can also imagine complaining about her to GOD and God separating you again. Then your ex becomes ex-ex!

Isn’t that funny?

Is there a limit to this imagination?

Q: I am very angry with a girl who refused my love. I feel like killing her for hurting me. Am I right in thinking this way?

Krishna: If I say you hurt yourself, not the girl?

Did you take her feelings/emotions into account when you expressed your love? She didn't encourage you in any way. You yourself loved her. It is one way affair. 

The girl has every right to choose her life partner like you have that right. And if you don't fit into her dream image, it is your inadequacy, not the girl's fault. 

She has every right to reject you, if you don't match her dream man. You should respect this right of the girl  and accept her verdict. 

It is you who imagined things, dreamt a life with her without her consent,   expressed your feelings without working to improve your image before her.  It is you who expected her to reciprocate your feelings just like that. 

Your frustration is directly proportionate to your imagination, expectation and foolishness.

Why should any girl accept you if you are not her dream boy?  Just because you loved her, why should she reciprocate it? Why shouldn't she listen to her parents who are her well-wishers? Why should she listen to you?

Isn't a girl a human being with all her dreams, aspirations, expectations, and feelings? Why should she abandon all those things and fall prey to your advances?

Grow up man. You yourself caused this hurt to you. Not she. You are an immature person, who doesn't know what true love is. 

If you try to shift the blame to her and cause harm to her, law will catch up with you. You won't gain anything with your foolishness.

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