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Krishna: Do all scientists practice mindfulness for improving their creativity and imagination? To creatively connect things to solve problems?

How do you have the right imagination without the correct evidence based knowledge? Imagination without genuine knowledge is like having only wings and no feet! What does it stand on then? What do your focus and attention based on then?

Do all gurus who practice mindfulness have great creativity and the right imagination? Why don’t they develop a vaccine then? Why don’t they develop drugs then? Why can’t they build an eco-friendly apartment complex then? Why can’t they make aeroplanes then? Why can’t they write and publish great and realistic articles/ papers then? Why can’t they create master pieces and classics then?

Can you make the right connections without the critical thinking abilities?

First answer these questions before proceeding or listening to others’ advice.

You have to acquire these things first to become highly creative.

Okay, if you have all the abilities and qualities mentioned above, but are still unable to focus your power, then only mindfulness can help you - ‘to some extent’. I said ‘to some extent’ because those abilities and qualities themselves are some sort of power-giving standards. They are enough to make you highly creative and imaginative. If you are unable to use them, that shows some sort of inadequacy in your mental make up.

If the inadequacy is only temporary, because of various conditions like stress, anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia, lack of attention, job burnout, high blood pressure (hypertension) and other health conditions, mindfulness might help you.

If the inadequacy is a major one - like lack of total interest in your work, lack of adequate and the right knowledge, complete lack of critical thinking abilities, refusal or inability to learn things in the right way, you will get only partial benefit from mindfulness.

Analyse all these things first thoroughly, then you yourself will find an answer to your question.

Q: Why do some people take things very seriously? Why can't they take things lightly like I do?

Krishna: When several things influence a person's mind, and  information processing of that mind, how can you expect everybody to react in only one way? 

Why should everybody be like you? Or think like you? 

All sorts of people and their mental make ups make this world so beautiful and rich.  Serious people have their own  charm and depth. People like  you who take things lightly  can have several inadequacies. 

What is right and what is wrong? Who will decide? You? Or societies we live in? 

If somebody tells me to take something lightly,  I just ignore his advice! Because nobody, except me, knows the condition I am in and why I behave in a certain way. 

Who are others to tell me what should I do in the condition I am in? 

Who are you to tell serious people to be like you? If they tell you to be serious like them, will you accept it? Is yours only the right behaviour? Are serious people doing things incorrectly?

You are a no one to decide things for others. 

Just leave  their behaviour to them. Don't interfere in others affairs. That is unless they ask you to or suffering severely because of their behaviour or making others miserable. 

Q: What do you think about people who go out of their way to voice unnecessarily things and deliberately make other people feel miserable because they don’t agree with them?

Krishna: Well that depends on your perception. Let me present a different view.

We, in the world of science think in this way:

“deliberately make other people feel miserable because they don’t agree with them”

Quite often people don’t agree with science and scientists - even if we show solid evidence - the evidence is ignored or, considered as an opinion, not fact. People don’t even try to understand the difference between perception based opinion and an evidence based fact despite trying our best. Unable to come out of a conditioned mindset, they even try to degrade you.

What do you do then? Resist it using all your might to bring them back to their senses. Very often we do this to protect the very people who we are disagreeing with!

If a child refuses to take food, the mother can use the methods she thinks is best to deal with the problem. If the child can’t understand this and hates its mother?

That is its headache.

The mother knows what to do to help the child.

So do scientists to help the world.

Q: You invited your friend for dinner, and the meal turns out to be a disaster. How will you manage the situation?

Krishna: When I invite my friends or relatives for dinner or lunch, I myself will cook. With years of cooking experience, how can the dishes become disaster in the first place? All of them? No way.

Even if one or two miss the right measurements of ingredients, we can rectify them before serving them.

If one of the dishes is not up to the mark and expectations, I will tell my guests before hand, apologize and request them to adjust for one day. Most of my friends and relatives know how busy I would always be and don’t complain at all.

Once or twice we ordered the meals from outside which turned out to be average, but my friends themselves apologised for coming without informing us beforehand and not giving us time to cook!

If the type of situation you mentioned arises, we can order something good from outside, or inform our guests beforehand in sweet words and apologize and ask them to adjust. Most of the guests oblige and just laugh it away.

Camouflage your disaster with sweet behaviour. They won’t even notice it!

I don’t think the situation would be so bad that our guests would go home completely disappointed.

Use your management skills. You will never fail.

Q: What are we going to do in After Life? How long will we stay there?

Krishna: After life? It just is a belief as there is no genuine evidence.

If you can imagine there is an after life, you can imagine as many situations and scenarios as possible too. And imaginations can never give you a correct answer. So people just tell stories.

Just read them and enjoy! But don’t think they are facts.

Soul?! What is it according to science and scientists?

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