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Q: My Q is on an  old topic. Science Vs religion. 

I very well know which one  you support. But why? 

Krishna: Hmmm! How many times have I answered this Q? 

Anyways, let me do it one more time.

Think about this: 
Religion is man-made while Science is Nature-made or for those who believe in a creator, God-made. This universe runs on scientific principles 'coined' by Nature or for theists, God. Now tell me, do you believe in a man-made religion or trust a Nature or God-made science?
What is bizarre is men give more importance to man-made religion than Nature or God-made science!
How wise is that?

You require an immense amount of knowledge just to be able to see your own depth of ignorance.
Only a person who has at least some knowledge knows and can think he is ignorant. 
Only a person who has at least some knowledge knows and can think he is stupid.
An ignorant  person can't even understand that he is ignorant or stupid!
Because 'it takes something' to assess something. If you don't have anything, what would you assess or analyse  something with? 
Scientists think if everybody can understand things the way they do, 
the majority of people can realize what they perceive. But more than 90% of the people can't do that! So they still remain in a primitive state of understanding the world! 
But they have their own enjoyment in their own strange world. They don't care about higher consciousness. It doesn't make any difference to them whether they can think or not, have knowledge or not,  know the facts or not. 
But the people who can really make a difference to the world are the ones who have the knowledge and can think differently.
A significant number of people—nearly 1.2 billion worldwide—remain nonreligious or have Atheist beliefs (1).
Read this sometime back:
Any baby born today would never know anything about any religion if no one ever mentioned it. In order for religion to survive, people need to teach it to one another. Every baby is born with a complete absence of religion. Every baby is technically born an atheist. This is why in order to become an atheist you simply need to let go of religion. You are actually reverting back to the state in which you first entered this world.
There was no religion in the dawn of human beings. Religion occurred innocently and organically as a means to explain the unexplainable. The basic fundamental human survival instinct depends on being able to classify one’s immediate environment: is it safe or dangerous ? Is it something I can eat ? Is it a tool I can use ? Religion provided a handy way to fill the gap for unknowns. ( scientists call this " God of Gaps". You fill the Gap you can't explain in human evolution/history with 'God did this in this way'. )
Along the way, man discovered that religion itself could be used as a tool.
Now nobody wants to forego that tool! 
Most People need some sort of psychological and emotional support in their lives. Man invented God to get this support. He gets  that support from religion, if he doesn't know how to get it from knowledge /science. Except the courageous critical thinkers, nobody else wants to go out of their comfort zones.
So religion stays despite everything. 
Somebody asked me this Q sometime back: Which one should we trust : Science or Religion? Which one tells the truth?

And this is my reply: Imagine this situation...

A huge asteroid collides with the Earth in the future. Everything here gets destroyed. All living beings. All religions. All the scientific knowledge  written in the books. 

Then  life originates here again and evolves into intelligent beings. Then in the initial stages of its civilization when  it tries, it comes up with  new religious stories with different Gods because it doesn't have any knowledge about present ones! 

But in the later stages, if it tries to gain scientific knowledge, surprisingly it finds that the Earth revolves around the Sun, Earth is round - not flat, realizes gravity and space-time   in the same way as we did! It also finds millions of stars, galaxies and black holes  like we did! 

It sees atoms and molecules and chemical reactions exactly in the same way as we do!

Their 'medical field' evolves similarly to ours! Their technology would be similar to the present one. In fact all their scientific knowledge will be similar to ours!

Even if this happens a hundred times the results would be the same each time!

If intelligent life evolves in different parts of this universe, and if it has to have 'religions' in each part, they would all be different to each other - like the different religious stories and beliefs we have in different parts of Earth. But their scientific knowledge would be exactly the same in all the given situations! Because scientific awareness cannot be different in various parts of our planet or universe. 

Why does scientific knowledge remain constant while religion keeps changing?

Can you understand why? If you can, you will understand which one is telling the truth and which one you can trust ... Science or Religion?


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