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Q: While socializing and having a conversation with a person, is it better to have a fast response or a slow but thoughtful response?
Krishna: Slow thoughtful response is the best. With a fast one, you could go wrong or even might hurt the other person.

Q: Why should Astrology be treated as science?

Krishna: It isn’t science just because some people say it is. It is pseudo-science and people who claim it is science and people who believe them don’t know the difference! Read here why astrology is pseudo-science: Why Astrology is Pseudo-science

Q: How can colour boost your luck?

True scientists don't believe in luck! They are go-getters and think only well planned hard work will yield good results. While lazy people believe in it and escapists blame 'bad' luck when they lost control over their lives and the situation they are in.

What others call luck, true scientists call chance of finding something while searching for it vigorously and whole-heartedly using all your capabilities, keen observation and knowledge and grabbing the chance when the opportunity presents itself to you.

What is 'luck' according to science

Colour has nothing to do with an imaginative thing. If you can imagine luck is real, then you can as well connect it with a colour. That becomes irrational and a superstition. That ‘s all.

Q: What are the qualities in a person to predict in astrology accurately?

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