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Q:Is the world inherently a depressing place? Are all festivals and social gatherings only a means to give temporary respite from the suffering?

Krishna: Is the world inherently a depressing place?
The world is what you make of it, what you think of it. It is not depressing. You see the world as you are, not as it is.

If I say this world is extremely wonderful, highly thrilling, deeply enlightening, very beautiful …

You might say there is death - I would say there is birth each moment as an answer

For every Rigor Mortis you might show, there is an innocent baby’s smile to make you forget it

There is suffering, you might say - there are efforts made in the place we work, labs, to counter it

There are cheaters you might say, there is intelligence to beat them

There is ugliness, you might say - there is beauty to cover it

There are tears you might say, there are hands to wipe them

For every depressive matter you show me, I can show you anti-matter.

They annihilate each other. That is reality.

Then how is the world depressive? If people see it depressive, it is their inability to reach the other side of it, then the cancellation and the resultant vacuum of emotion. The recycling of everything, cycles of matter, energy, universe, the rules of (science of ) its running and … enlightenment. You don’t feel anything in the end. Neither depression nor cheerfulness. Everything happens … according to the rules (of science).

Are all festivals and social gatherings only a means to give temporary respite from the suffering?

You don’t need festivals and social gatherings to give temporary respite from suffering. You can get a permanent enlightenment if you really try (Sorry, not the religious way though).

Where you don’t feel anything at all, your mind becomes completely neutral and unemotional … where you will have total peace and nothing that happens around can do anything to you again to disturb it. 

Q: Why do we see distraction and procrastination as  bad things rather than enjoying them like Leonardo da Vinci did? 

Krishna: There are various shades of distraction and procrastination.

What polymaths face is highly creative side of it. They need it to progress. Others might think it is distraction or procrastination but these highly evolved minds might be working at their own pace. The very fact that they greatly succeeded tells a big story about their state of mind.

Just because these distinguished people sit idle sometimes doesn’t mean their brains are idle too. They will be working very hard inside. They try to figure out which way to go using high critical thinking skills. That is not easy and takes hell of time. Moreover over-worked brains need some distraction sometimes to arrive at a solution. That is not real distraction or procrastination although you might mark as one with your misconception and ignorance.

But what ordinary people do is really bad. Students watching movies instead of studying before the exams, giving their parents and teachers headaches by postponing their project work by hanging with their friends and doing silly things and … need I add more to the list? For these people distractions and procrastination are silly excuses to avoid hard work. These kind of people can never really progress or succeed in life like Leonardo da Vinci did. Or like other polymaths did.

The end result tells you your full story. Whether your distraction and procrastination is vital to your work and which shade it belonged to.

So for a hard working brain distractions and procrastination are vital. For lazy or easy -going minds they are fatal!

Q: If someone is constantly targeting your whole family with black magic and even trying to kill, should we also opt for the same thing and teach them a lesson? 

Krishna: First you should be taught a lesson! For believing in superstitions and in things that don’t exist and then for thinking of harming others just based on your imagination and not reality.

I have read several reports in the news papers here recently people killing other innocent men and women just based on such ignorant imaginations and baseless beliefs. This is reaching dangerous proportions and should be halted immediately. We are not living in ancient times. You are a literate person and good enough to understand what is rational and what is irrational. But still why are you not able to come out of these delusions?

Black magic doesn’t exist! Science confirmed this long back. Nobody can move even your finger without your consent leave alone kill you with black magic. Why are you imagining things then? Cultural Conditioning of mind! You are unable to come out of ancient thinking and understand why somethings really happen. You are connecting unrelated things. Your thinking is going haywire. Nocebo Effect  !

If you don’t stop thinking about harming others unnecessarily, someone might report you to police because it is illegal to harm others that too based on irrational thinking.

Q:What happened to you that was unlucky in one way but lucky when looked at another way?

Krishna: Nothing in this world is either lucky or unlucky. Luck just is your perception.

What is 'luck' according to science
  Q: Does science believe in soul?

Q: Do today's generation or today people in general need counselling and coaching on the mindset or mind?
Krishna: I thought people needed counselling when

1. a girl asked, ‘‘Why should I donate my hard earned money to someone poor? They should earn it too like I did!”

I myself lectured her why anybody needs to donate.

2. somebody said girls and boys should be given equal opportunity to smoke and drink, I again gave a lecture on why they need a lesson on not to self destroy themselves ( scientists and doctors see this problem differently, sorry, if you don’t get that).

3. somebody started criticizing Dr. Priyanka Reddy for not behaving differently to save herself, then again I gave a lecture on why she couldn’t just day before yesterday.

Day in and day out I give lectures on why superstitions and pseudo-science are bad for us. Daily I give lectures on why anybody should develop scientific temper …

No, I am not getting old :) I am only getting bothered … as a concerned citizen ... any objections?
Q:What are some of the most toxic or potentially dangerous ideas/beliefs that have been perpetuated collectively by users of a social network? Krishna: This goes on everywhere on the net.
Dangerous and toxic ideas/beliefs? If I give the list do you accept it? Don’t people who propagate them fight with me? I am already fighting these people …

But still I am going ahead…

Pseudo-science filled ideas like homeopathy, astrology, alternate therapies.

Anti-science ideologies like creationism, climate change denialism, flat earth movement. 
Q: why do poets say eyes speak?

Some people have very expressive eyes. They cannot hide anything. You can read their minds just by looking at their eyes.

All emotions are reflected in some people’s eyes.

But not all eyes are similar in expressing things. Some eyes are just blank. You cannot read them by looking at them. Even poets can’t make out what is going on inside these people’s heads.

Q:Why does this person keep playing with my emotions (I feel manipulated)? Krishna: That is because you gave indications that you are vulnerable.

Whoever that person is be strong before him/her. Refuse to get manipulated. Tell him/her frankly what you think and that you don’t approve his/her playing games with you.

If that behaviour still persists, move away from him/her. Don’t hesitate to say goodbye forever to manipulators. 

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