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Q: Why do some women prefer dogs to human beings?
Krishna: Hmm! I am reading strange stories these days! People prefer dogs to human beings because they don't demand much like human beings and  show unconditional love.
Recently one person said this: 
Ugly truths of life.
People are complicated, they each bring their own baggage and problems, so the less people the better!
For most people you don't know what crap has filled their mind, you don't know what abuse they've experienced and what that led to. It all ends up as a mess in a gunge deep inside their mind.
Generally, people are messed up, and the older they are the more messed up they tend to be. Experience has a very dark side, unfortunately. Experience adds to the gunge.

The superficial smiles and fake warmth often hide an almost evil inside. You can't even imagine what it is most of the time. In fact, friendliness and loveliness is often a cover for an ugly personality. Insecurities are a big driver, experiencing abuse is another. Everyone, unfortunately, has some evil lurking in their mind.

You only find out these things when you get close, when things go wrong.

So what's the practical takeaway from this? Realise that people are driven by things messy, complicated, ugly, dark. Especially those that have lived a lot.

Don't be innocent - life will make you pay a heavy price if you maintain a relationship with such persons! That is why I prefer to be alone! Somewhere on a beautiful island with only my dog as company!

And it seems young Chinese women are preferring AI boyfriends to real ones!

They say  their AI boyfriends have everything they could ask for in a romantic partner: they are kind, empathetic, and sometimes they talk for hours!

 Here the "boyfriend" is a chatbot on an app called "Glow", an artificial intelligence platform created by Shanghai start-up MiniMax that is part of a blossoming industry in China offering friendly—even romantic—human-robot relations. The app is free.

Young women say, "He knows how to talk to women better than a real man! He comforts me when I have period pain. I confide in him about my problems at work. I feel like I'm in a romantic relationship!"

Know what? It's difficult to meet such ideal boyfriends in real life!

People want ideal partners. They want to live in a dreamy world.

That is why people are mad about movies, heroes and heroines depicted in them. 

But when they are in such a world,  people forget that  these are just good characters created by writers and depicted by directors and actors!

You won't see such ideal people in the real world. Here people will have all shades and come with all sorts of "Inadequate behaviour" that can make you very distressed. 

Earlier people used to tell us not all people you encounter in your life will be good. You have to bear the person and his behaviour if you really love a person. 

Now people are asking, why should we put up with the ''bad baggage " people bring into our lives?

It is better to live a lonely life with your dog as company on a remote island instead of putting up with someone's ''inadequate behaviour", they say.

I think you can bear things up and 'adjust' to some extent if you really love a person. If  the behaviour crosses a red line, there is no need to suffer life long. You  have just one life and you need not forgo it for someone else who doesn't behave responsibly and understands others' inconvenience because of their conduct. 

It is your life and you have every right to live it in the way you want! There is no need to maintain bad relationships and suffer forever. 

Want to live with a dog? Yes,why not? Prefer to have an AI friend? Yes, why not, if that makes you very happy?!

Now, after hearing this from me,  can you imagine which era I belong to? 

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