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Q: Who is better - a person who talks sweetly  or a person who  says things straightforwardly? Who do you prefer?

Krishna: Each situation differs. Perception differs. People differ. 
So the answer is - 'it depends on what type of person you are dealing with'.  
I know two people. 
One person talks very sweetly. Everybody gets attracted to him. 
The other one talks in a frank and unemotional way. Very few people like this person.
But I have noticed, the first person who talks sweetly 'uses' others to his advantage. People willingly fall for it! 
The second one doesn't take advantage of others, maybe he doesn't want to 'use' others and therefore, he doesn't 'sweet-coat his words'.
I think the second one is the best here.
Most of the time 'sweet-talk' has some sort of motive behind it. So I don't relish it!
But there are people who can make 'cultured conversations'. These are different from sweet talkers. 
Cultured people  show or have good taste, manners, upbringing, knowledge and education. This is natural behaviour and  isn't artificial, like sweet talk.
To be cultured means to be educated, knowing about a variety of subjects. Being refined and sophisticated, being curious, unprejudiced, and open-minded. Being tolerant and respectful of people who are different from us. Living a life of excellence and discernment.
So cultured manners are natural and good.
Being straightforward is good.
But shouldn't trust anybody just because they are being sweet. Being sweet is a good quality, but also something that is not found quite often in its purest form in the present times. There might be motives behind that sweetness. It is very difficult to reject a person who comes up to you and asks you for something in a subtle, soothing and sweet tone. But that doesn't make them  trustworthy. It's easy to get things done this way. You can tame even the toughest ones with this trait. Sugar coating lies could be their forte. 
So one should observe people more, listen to what they are saying rather than how they are saying it, and give yourself time to understand if a person is genuine enough to be relied upon.
This doesn't mean that you should look at everybody with doubtful eyes. Trust no one easily but don't doubt everyone either.

I prefer straightforward people any day. Even if they criticise me! Because these people give me a chance to analyse myself and  improve myself.
I don't like individuals who praise me all the time. I feel very uncomfortable in the company of these people.
I don't relish flattery! I don't enjoy sweet talk!
Do you find this strange? Being in the scientific field  made me like this! We prefer straightforwardness and frankness. Emotionless facts. We have the courage and mindset to accept things as they are.
However, I find a different scenario in the art field. Most of the people in the art arena indulge in sweet talk especially if they are in the presence of 'powerful people'. They praise these people like hell. They sugar coat their words most of the time.  They call this 'connecting to people' heart to heart! 
I find it difficult to do this. There is a limit to my tolerance. I can't praise something  I don't like or somebody I don't adore endlessly  just because the person is a superstar!
I just keep my mouth shut and tolerate others indulging  in it while I am with them.
Being in several fields teaches you to tolerate things. But if you can 
'see through things' and 'read between lines' you feel very uncomfortable. 
But that is how the world is. Highly uneven ground. Walk on it anyway! 

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