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Q: Why should we accept others' terms of happiness and fulfillment of life?

Krishna: Exactly! It is your life. Write your own definitions of happiness. And live accordingly.
Daily I get several messages on social media saying so many things. I get annoyed and send the sharers my own definitions. This looks like arguing but my point is - there can be several views, and ways to live a life. Why should I live in the way you want me to? Or does society want me to?
Extroverts live in one way- by partying, socialising and thinking they are living a happy life.
Introverts like another way of living. 
How can extraverts say introverts are not enjoying their life in the right way? Who are they to decide things for everyone around?
Some writers too, I have observed, say things they think are right. And refuse to accept other views as right ones too. 
This is shallow thinking. Everybody has the right to have their own definitions of life, happiness and enjoyment.
If you think only yours is right and others views are wrong,  that shows your narrow mindedness. 
This is your life. Live it in the way you want. Forget about others' ways.
Forget about rules the society imposes on you. 
As long as you are not harming others, your way is right too!
Subka sun-na, apna karna. Do things your way!
You have just one life. Enjoy it in the way you want. You have every right to do that.
Q: I am an introvert (iv). My folks say by being an iv , I am losing enjoyment and love in life. However, I don't feel anything like that. Why is this?
Krishna: I am an introvert too. I too don't feel I am losing something because of this. I enjoy my life in my own way. Why should we abide by others' rules and think we are not doing things in the right way? 
Our definitions of enjoyment are different. If people cannot understand this  it is their headache  ,not ours.
Don't worry, you are not losing anything by being an iv.
Those who have experienced 'universal love' will never crave for an individual's love. Or the love of a few people. This universal love  makes you raise above all and unique. It makes you very strong!
This is a reply given by a NUN to a person who asked her this Q:
Why do Catholic nuns and sisters subject themselves to such a bleak, joyless existence?
Nun: Anyone who's seen me around my Church  over the past few years would doubtless agree that I may be many things, but bleak and joyless is not among them.
I am full of life, happiness, and satisfaction, perhaps not according to your definition but according to my own interpretation of life.
If you cannot understand this simple logic, I feel sorry for you!
Don't  judge anyone by things he or she does because you do not know their full story.
Well said, sister!
Q: I am a girl and have no confidence to live my life in the way I want to. I always listen to others because I am worried they would hurt me if I don't listen to them.  How can I be like you?
Krishna: First free yourself from emotional dependence. 
Praises and back pats give you temporary satisfaction, not a permanent one. 
Only confidence, strength, your own satisfaction give you happiness. 
That doesn't come from emotional attachments. 
Tell yourself you can live without others' approvals and compliments. And others' help. 
Try to be independent, economically also. This gives you strength. 
Others' words would hurt you only if you care about them. They won't hurt you if you detach yourself from them. 
This is a bit difficult to do but not impossible. Try it slowly. You will be able to succeed as time goes by. 
This is your life. Don't put the controls in others' hands.

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