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AS 45
Our Creator-The Brilliant Scientist

Size : 35.6x27.6 in / 90.5x70cm
Medium & Surface : Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
Year : Painted in 2008

One famous scientist once said, “Our creator, if there is one, is a brilliant Scientist.” Yes, the scientist is right because our creator is responsible for a wonderful and harmonious universe. He is responsible for fusion and fission reactions, time and space, gravity, chemical bonding, production of water and organic compounds, DNA & RNA and life itself. And all the rules that govern this universe were formulated by the creator himself. Scientists are only unraveling the mysteries of our creator.

AS 46

Size : 16X12" / 40X30cm
Medium & Surface : Acrylic on Canvas Board
Year : Painted in 2011

Undoubtedly Robots will play a major role in all the spheres of human lives in the future.

AS 47

Size : 27X19.5" / 70X50cm
Medium & Surface : Acrylic on Canvas 
Year : Painted in 2011

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