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     THIS  IS A WAR ZONE WHERE SCIENCE FIGHTS WITH NONSENSE AND WINS                                               

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”             

                    "Being a scientist is a state of mind, not a profession!"

"Knowledge is a Superpower but the irony is you cannot get enough of it with ever increasing data base unless you try to keep up with it constantly and in the right way!" The best education comes from learning from people who know what they are exactly talking about.

Science is this glorious adventure into the unknown, the opportunity to discover things that nobody knew before. And that’s just an experience that’s not to be missed. But it’s also a motivated effort to try to help humankind. And maybe that’s just by increasing human knowledge—because that’s a way to make us a nobler species.

If you are scientifically literate the world looks very different to you.

We do science and science communication not because they are easy but because they are difficult!

There are about 530 articles posted here. Links to some important articles :

1. Interactive science series...

a. how-to-do-research-and-write-research-papers-part 13

b. Some Qs peopel asked me on science and my replies to them...

Part 6part-10part-11part-12, part 14  ,  part- 8

part- 1part-2part-4part-5part-16part-17part-18 , part-19 , part-20

part-21 , part-22part-23part-24part-25part-26part-27 , part-28



Part 48 part49Critical thinking -part 50 , part -51part-52part-53


part 64, part-65part-66part-67part-68part 69part-70 part-71part-73 ...


BP variations during pregnancy part-72

who is responsible for the gender of  thier children - a man or a woman -part-56

c. some-questions-people-asked-me-on-science-based-on-my-art-and-poems -part-7

d. science-s-rules-are-unyielding-they-will-not-be-bent-for-anybody-part-3-

e. debate-between-scientists-and-people-who-practice-and-propagate-pseudo-science - part -9

f. why astrology is pseudo-science part 15

g. How Science is demolishing patriarchal ideas - part-39

2. in-defence-of-mangalyaan-why-even-developing-countries-like-india need space research programmes

3. Science communication series:

a. science-communication - part 1

b. how-scienitsts-should-communicate-with-laymen - part 2

c. main-challenges-of-science-communication-and-how-to-overcome-them - part 3

d. the-importance-of-science-communication-through-art- part 4

e. why-science-communication-is-geting worse - part  5

f. why-science-journalism-is-not-taken-seriously-in-this-part-of-the-world - part 6

g. blogs-the-best-bet-to-communicate-science-by-scientists- part 7

h. why-it-is-difficult-for-scientists-to-debate-controversial-issues - part 8

i. science-writers-and-communicators-where-are-you - part 9

j. shooting-the-messengers-for-a-different-reason-for-conveying-the- part 10

k. why-is-science-journalism-different-from-other-forms-of-journalism - part 11

l.  golden-rules-of-science-communication- Part 12

m. science-writers-should-develop-a-broader-view-to-put-things-in-th - part 13

n. an-informed-patient-is-the-most-cooperative-one -part 14

o. the-risks-scientists-will-have-to-face-while-communicating-science - part 15

p. the-most-difficult-part-of-science-communication - part 16

q. clarity-on-who-you-are-writing-for-is-important-before-sitting-to write a science story - part 17

r. science-communicators-get-thick-skinned-to-communicate-science-without-any-bias - part 18

s. is-post-truth-another-name-for-science-communication-failure?

t. why-is-it-difficult-for-scientists-to-have-high-eqs

u. art-and-literature-as-effective-aids-in-science-communication-and teaching

v.some-qs-people-asked-me-on-science communication-and-my-replies-to-them

w. why-motivated-perception-influences-your-understanding-of-science

x. science-communication-in-uncertain-times

y. sci-com: why-keep-a-dog-and-bark-yourself

z. How to deal with sci com dilemmas?

4. Health related topics:

a. why-antibiotic-resistance-is-increasing-and-how-scientists-are-tr

b. what-might-happen-when-you-take-lots-of-medicines

c. know-your-cesarean-facts-ladies

d. right-facts-about-menstruation

e. answer-to-the-question-why-on-big-c

f. how-scientists-are-identifying-new-preventive-measures-and-cures-

g. what-if-little-creatures-high-jack-your-brain-and-try-to-control-

h. who-knows-better?

i. mycotoxicoses

j. immunotherapy

k. can-rust-from-old-drinking-water-pipes-cause-health-problems

l. pvc-and-cpvc-pipes-should-not-be-used-for-drinking-water-supply

m. melioidosis


o. desensitization-and-transplant-success-story

p. do-you-think-the-medicines-you-are-taking-are-perfectly-alright-then revisit your position!

q. swine-flu-the-difficlulties-we-still-face-while-tackling-the-outb

r. dump-this-useless-information-into-a-garbage-bin-if-you-really-care about evidence based medicine

s. don-t-ignore-these-head-injuries

t. the-detoxification-scam

u. allergic- agony-caused-by-caterpillars-and-moths

General science: 


b. don-t-knock-down-your-own-life-line

c. the-most-menacing-animal-in-the-world

d. how-exo-planets-are-detected

e. the-importance-of-earth-s-magnetic-field

f. saving-tigers-from-extinction-is-still-a-travail

g. the-importance-of-snakes-in-our-eco-systems

h. understanding-reverse-osmosis

i. the-importance-of-microbiomes

j. crispr-cas9-gene-editing-technique-a-boon-to-fixing-defective-gen

k. biomimicry-a-solution-to-some-of-our-problems

5. the-dilemmas-scientists-face

6. why-we-get-contradictory-reports-in-science

7. be-alert-pseudo-science-and-anti-science-are-on-prowl

8. science-will-answer-your-questions-and-solve-your-problems

9. how-science-debunks-baseless-beliefs

10. climate-science-and-its-relevance

11. the-road-to-a-healthy-life

12. relative-truth-about-gm-crops-and-foods

13. intuition-based-work-is-bad-science

14. how-science-explains-near-death-experiences

15. just-studies-are-different-from-thorough-scientific-research

16. lab-scientists-versus-internet-scientists

17. can-you-challenge-science?

18. the-myth-of-ritual-working

20. comets-are-not-harmful-or-bad-omens-so-enjoy-the-clestial-shows

21. explanation-of-mysterious-lights-during-earthquakes

22. science-can-tell-what-constitutes-the-beauty-of-a-rose

23. what-lessons-can-science-learn-from-tragedies-like-these

24. the-specific-traits-of-a-scientific-mind

25. science-and-the-paranormal

26. are-these-inventions-and-discoveries-really-accidental-and-intuitive like the journalists say?

27. how-the-brain-of-a-polymath-copes-with-all-the-things-it-does

28. how-to-make-scientific-research-in-india-a-success-story

29. getting-rid-of-plastic-the-natural-way

30. why-some-interesting-things-happen-in-nature

31. real-life-stories-that-proves-how-science-helps-you

32. Science and trust series:

a. how-to-trust-science-stories-a-guide-for-common-man

b. trust-in-science-what-makes-people-waver

c. standing-up-for-science-showing-reasons-why-science-should-be-trusted

You will find the entire list of discussions here:

( Please go through the comments section below to find reports/research results relating to science reported on a daily basis and watch videos based on science)

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Please contact us if you want us to add any information or scientific explanation on any topic that interests you. We will try our level best to give you the right information.

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Science Communication

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Qs people asked me on science and my replies to them - Part 190

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Love Science, not its impostors!

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Science, oh dear science We love and respect your appliance In our daily activities so much That we cannot imagine a life without your touch!We live in a region where science is loved and held in a…Continue

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 26, 2020 at 7:28am

Glowing Amphibians Extremely Common

A study of the animals using blue light reveals what humans are not able to see with the naked eye.


Researchers Detect Land Animals Using DNA in Nearby Water Bodies
Monitoring the comings and goings of aquatic life with traces of DNA in water has become an established biomonitoring technique, which is now used to assess terrestrial animals.


Researchers Discover the Largest Virus in the Oceans Yet

The ChoanoVirus genome codes for rhodopsin, perhaps giving its choanoflagellate host extra energy-harvesting capabilities.


Genomics Reveals How Humans Can Inadvertently Drive Plant Mimicry

Hand weeding of fields spurred an interloper to evolve a rice-like appearance, researchers conclude.

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 26, 2020 at 6:41am

Researchers discover new sex hormone


Toxin family binds to sugar receptors on human cells to cause damage



An under-researched mechanism in the fast-moving field of epigenetics


Marine species are outpacing terrestrial species in the race against global warming


It is so comforting to actually watch how scientists are working to beat COVID 19. And if they assure you it is definitely beatable?
A must watch video ...


Ecuadorian Cactus Absorbs Ultrasound, Enticing Bats to Flowers

Many plants reflect ultrasonic waves, thereby attracting the pollinators, but one cactus takes a different approach.


What Makes a Venus Flytrap Snap

To avoid wasting digestive energy, the plant only seals shut after sensing certain prey movements.

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 26, 2020 at 6:10am

Astronomers see 'cosmic ring of fire,' 11 billion years ago


New double-contrast technique picks up small tumors on MRI


Solving the space junk problem


Scientists see through glass frogs' translucent camouflage


Applying physics to understanding the mystery of consciousness $$


How drones can monitor explosive volcanoes


Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 25, 2020 at 8:23am

Starlight Reflected Off Distant Planets Could Reveal if They're Habitable 

A New Study May Have Just Changed The Advice on Storing Tomatoes in The Fridge


A doctor shares 7 steps he’ll review to decide when and where it’s safe to go out and about


Building bricks from plastic waste


Researchers report first case of hexagonal NaCl

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 25, 2020 at 8:22am

Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury


  The science of splurging ....  
Different versions of corona virus: Factors such as a person’s age and white blood cell counts matter more for disease severity
Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 24, 2020 at 12:02pm

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 23, 2020 at 10:50am

Anti-ageing’ protein shown to slow cell growth is key in longevity – new research



Brown, white and beige: understanding your body’s different fat cells could help with weight loss


Scientists identify a temperature tipping point for tropical forests

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 23, 2020 at 7:45am

No, parallel universe hasn't been discovered. Do not trust 'science news' from 'tabloids' or 'unqualified' people


Compensatory behaviour: why fasting doesn't make you lose weight sometimes


Stretching: expert explains how best to do it before and after a workout


Egg Laying or Live Birth: How Evolution Chooses

A lizard that both lays eggs and gives birth to live young is helping scientists understand how and why these forms of reproduction evolved.
Historical films may be decaying much faster than we thought thanks to ‘vinegar syndrome'
Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 23, 2020 at 6:45am

CRISPR a tool for conservation, not just gene editing


The European viper uses cloak-and-dazzle method to escape predators


Researchers uncover the arks of genetic diversity in terrestrial mammals


How coronavirus lockdowns stopped flu in its tracks

Reported rates of influenza and other infections have fallen sharply, but some communicable diseases may see a rise.
Immune to evidence: The difference between sceptics and conspiracy theorists ....

Up to 220 million people globally may be at risk of arsenic-contaminated water

A new map highlights possible hot spots of arsenic contamination in groundwater

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on May 23, 2020 at 6:14am

Blood flow recovers faster than brain in micro strokes


Scientists find first evidence of microplastics passing from insects to predators in rivers


Past is prologue: Genetic 'memory' of ancestral environments helps organisms readapt


Space Force is starting to train its soldiers to fight… in space .....


Researchers record world's fastest internet speed from a single optical chip


Why toothpaste and cement harden over time


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