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it's history that will be made!

I read a very interesting article recently.

It seems Michael Phelps thought of retiring after winning eight gold medals in eight races at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

And Michaelangelo could have listened to Pope Julius II and confined his paintings of the Sistine Chapel ceiling to the 12 apostles.

In February, when Phelps was wavering about getting back in the water, his couch, Bob Bowman, told him: " This is your gift . You're like an artist. You don't just throw your gift away because you did something great."

In the same way that Michaelangelo looked at six stories of scaffloding and saw no artistic ceiling, Phelps studied his perfect showing in Beijing and saw endless possibilities & grow and express his gift.

At the world championship, which concluded recently, the first brush stokes of Phelps expanded vision were on display and they blended almost seamlessly with the masterpiece he finished last year. He was the most decorated swimmer of the meet, with five gold medals and one silver.

And history was made!

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