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" Visit our website for ideas to write books on ", one of my followers on Twitter sent me a message.

As it is I am struggling to manage time for the four books I am already writing. More ideas - that too borrowed ones? "No, thanks, my hands are aching - unable to cope with the ones I am writing right now", was my reply to him.

Then I started wondering. How can anybody write books on ideas given by somebody else?! You have to see and be in a situation yourself, get in touch with realities and people to feel the pulse of it, your mind has to follow the thought process, get inspired by the beauty of it all to write about it!

Even while I was doing my Ph.D. I refused to work on the problem my guide gave me and changed the title and the problem after studying in detail and doing research on the topic and selected the one I got interested in and done a lot of work on.  Without interest how can you proceed even an inch? Just because somebody is interested in those subjects, can you write on them? How can you work on somebody else's idea, theme or thought if it doesn't interest you or have any idea about in real life? Can you also read that person's mind and steal the matter for the book  from his brain? Okay, you can find all the technical details for your plot on the internet or a library. You can always do research on the subject. But to do all that first you got to be interested in the subject because that is a difficult process and only interest can sustain the momentum needed. Ideas sold by others can never really create that interest in you. You must also have at least a little knowledge about the subject. Otherwise you won't be able to do justice to the subject. Can a person who studied art write on science as efficiently as a person who studied science? I don't think so. 

So, I will stick to my own plots, themes, theories, ideas and subject. I have enough of them to sustain a life long writing exercise. I don't need others' help in this matter.


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