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I have seen a trend among writers these days to use lots of quotes, anecdotes, clippings and  references from others' write ups, books, papers etc. and just expanding other peoples' ideas! They pick up matter here and there, make a mixture of it and present it as their own. These works look like  compilation of others' opinions rather than originally thought out ones! And some are claiming copyrights over them too! I feel this is not good for literature.

Sometime back one of the members  here on Art Lab criticized me for not providing quotes and references for my articles! This may be a norm in the West, but while expressing your own opinions,  putting forward your own thoughts, stating universal truths, you need not give references! And I usually put forward my own stuff in the form of articles, blogs etc. and therefore rarely give references!

When already there is matter on a subject, when  people can read it, contemplate on it, get enlightened by it, why do you want to write the same thing again? Okay, you want to express your own opinion on it, just express it in the comment  or the review sections.

Agreed, you need external support to tell people that your theory is strong and others' opinions too match with that of yours.  Then, use only minimum number of references up to the extent they are necessary.  Don't overdo it and give an impression that your theory is not original.

While writing informative articles such as the ones based on science, you need to give references for authenticity and proof. That is acceptable. But when writing on general   topics, you don't need much of these!

I read somewhere that quotations make great impact when used in articles. But I have read recently several articles written by different writers on the subject of science- art using the same quote of Einstein over and over again ( The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious—the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science— Albert Einstein). Instead of making a good impression on me, these articles bored me to death!

Diversity of opinions, thoughts, ideas, theories and  themes is what makes literature and art  rich. Looking at things differently and in a new light, thinking a new idea and putting it in creative ways enrich them more.

Just to get a 'writer' tag, if you borrow thoughts from others and make a mixture of others'  thoughts your articles and blogs, it will reflect poorly on your mental capabilities and writing abilities!

If you steal from one author, it is plagiarism. If you steal from several, it is research. Oh, well, double standards! What a cunning way of covering things?

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