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Did you say you are an artist and you don't need science?

Your innocence made me smile in silence

      When you are thinking about a theme

      Aren't the neurons in your head firing all the same?

The biological processes occurring in your brain

Are responsible for the pictures you have drawn!

       Without metallurgy and mixing metals

       How can you shape the sculptures?

When on a palette you are mixing the colours

Aren't you dealing with Chemistry and chemicals?

      When you are going the digital way to deal with art

      Can you escape the technology part?

When you are enjoying the beauty of your art works

Aren't you in the domain of neuro-aesthetics?

     When you face the problems of forgeries, frauds and conservation in art

     Don't forget the importance of science's part

In solving these mysteries

You cannot ignore those lessons of histories    

      Now when you say you don't need science

      Can you silence your conscience?

There isn't a place in the whole universe

Where you cannot escape science

       Don't try to make art an exception

       You will fall flat with this conception

Say yes to science-art collaboration

There is no better way to innovation.

(Written on 10th March, 2014 in reply to an artist who said he doesn't need Science in art!)

© 2014 Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

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