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I am quantum-entangled with my parents
Because my personality is inherent
Deeply ingrained in my genes
The stuff of anybody's dreams!

We work as a system of whole
Knotted together at the levels of soul
We don't exist independent of one another

Me, my father and mother!

Although we are classical-world human beings,
Our bodies are made of quantum realm atoms, sub-atomic particles and molecules
That make us get entangled

With emotions of love and affection our hearts are spangled!

My parents are no more in this physical world
But we interact with one another with our minds furled!
Do you find this entanglement spooky?
I think this is geeky!

I just have to call my mom and dad
They appear in my dreams with glad
Comforting me and guiding me with tender care
Making my spirit soar!

They stay with me each moment of my life
Taking me away from strife
When they move towards skies
My heart over and over again sighs

When I must turn to the opposite side and remain on earth
Giving rise to worthy intellectual birth
They watch me with great satisfaction
And send blessings that travel speedier than light and put my thoughts into immediate action!

© 2015  Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

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Quantum entanglement is a process whereby two particles share the same quantum properties (spin, polarity, etc.). These properties are random until the moment one particle is measured. At that moment both particles undertake a mysterious process where the other particle "suddenly" shares the measured particles properties. 

I love this. First the quantum entanglement, i won't say comparison or metaphor, but discovery and realization. if there is an entanglement we are involved in, and "of course" every atom and electron has their own tales of entanglement, but if we as humans are entangled, it will be thus. you put words to my prayers and intuitions. my parents also visit me and later i turn away again..wind under the wings, let it soar!

here is a picture i did after my father passed of a dream i had with my brother and i sitting on a coarse high mountain beach, dad slowly diving away into the clear cold waters

Thank you Krishna!


Wonderful picture, Steven. Glad you too are entangled with your parents.

When the feelings we have for our loved ones take the shape of words and pictures, they look like this!

They come from the bottom of our hearts and touch every body else who come across these feelings.

We are human beings, made of atoms, subatomic particles and molecules. So we too get entangled!

Without metaphors, it is difficult to move forward in art and literature!


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