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Get going, get going, get going, no matter what
Even if the conditions are worse, you have to bat
Give the work all you got
Fight all the adversities with strong will in the combat!

Complete what you have started
Because your gray matter is what you've bartered
Creativity is what is being darted
Knowledge is what's to be imparted!

Here neither be optimistic
Nor unduly pessimistic
Only way forward is being realistic
Your inner strength here is ballistic!

Favourable outcomes are just a step away
Although several people are in the fray
If you figure out your right way
Things will soon be in your sway!

Learn to walk on the deadly failures
Pain and frustration are the field's frequent endures
But thrills and adventures here are great lures
In the end success is what this arena assures!

Poem written on 6th., March., 2016

Based on my art work "The Spirit of Science"


No matter how many obstacles and difficulties they face, how many times they fail, how much criticism they encounter, most of the people of the scientific community move forward with courage and dedication. The driving force of this unstoppable journey is the spirit of science that says : Never stop, never quit, no matter what happens. Keep going until you reach your destination and goal.

 Year of painting: 2011

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© 2016    Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa


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