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Krishna in a wonderland

It's a ten million colour band
Anthocyanins, aurones, chalcones, flavonols, proanthocyanid
Lycopene, canthaxanthin, astaxanthin,  carotinoid!
Newton-described Classical world
Where man-made satellites are hurled
Natural satellites are whirled
Around stars and their planets going around!

Einstein-defined light speed
Becomes great brain-feed
Neutrinos and dark matter are searched under-ground
Particle-accelerators where God-particles are found!

The strange magic of Quantum world
That entangles your mind
You are surely enchanted 
By the many states encountered!
Seen  many a chemical bond 
With the help of which life formed 
And conditions medicines cured
With the knowledge captured!
Communications in your hand
Protect you from disasters Nature hurled
New facts gathered
Defend you from the consequences unwanted 

Magical changes happened
In everything  a scientist's hand touched 
A result of genetics modified
Made life so fascinated!
Was  all that she watched
A dream come true for the mankind?
Give her more and more of this kind
Her thirst for it will never be quenched!


( written in answer to the Q 'what makes science important and fascinating')

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That is so poetically described - so clear and scintillating in its expressions of Science and the Scientist! Well written and though I am not a scientist - I can easily feel what you felt when you wrote it in your own dreamland of science in its myriad facets!

Well done Professor!

Thanks! And I am not a professor!

Right Ho! Doctor! Will withdraw the Professor thing though you do Profess to Science in a Big way!






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