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Science, oh dear science
We love and respect your appliance

In our daily activities so much
That we cannot imagine a universe and life without your touch!

So when people tried to degrade you

We wanted to restore your glory anew

Determined to make people to bid this intolerance  adieu

And choose the right avenue. 

We marched for science 

To stir the conscience

Of people who propagated nonsense

To counter pseudo-science

Advocate science, not silence

Fight to get method compliance

By forming an alliance

To enhance science reliance

We firmly denounce hindrance

To fund flows and the resultant injustice

Because they couldn't understand science's  valience

And the right guidance

Our dear friend could correctly dispense

In fighting poverty, darkness and grievance

Neither could they fathom genuine evidence

Nor could grasp research independence

That  lead to excellence

Unquestionable brilliance

A life long eminence

And universal justice and tolerance!

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