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Physicists say Quantum Mechanics
Belong to the world of small particles
Yet I also encountered them in classical worlds
Which told me the weirdest of stories!
In the strange ordinary world one encounters
People ''superposition'' and have multiple states
Bad ones, good ones and the grey ones
When no one notices
But when you curiously 'observe' their social media behaviours
They collapse into just single states!
When they come here people wear masks
Of Mahatma Gandhis or Mother Therisas
Parroting good verses
Showing all purities and whites
Liking, loving, and upvoting ideal thoughts
You can tell these entanglements
Are false friendships and relationships
Can't miss these spooky actions
And odd encounters that define complexities
Putting never-ending smiles on my lips!
Can't the wise realize these dramas? 
Don't we know peoples' natural shapes?
Who says quantum mechanics 
Don't belong to classical arenas?
Everything is possible with humans beings!

(I wrote this poem when I was asked to simplify quantum mechanics using a classical world example)

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