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Chemotherapy and other treatments didn't work?

Analyse the other drugs and alcohol you took
Microbiomes that lurk
Interactions that smirk!

When the environment goes on a rampage 
Because of the Climate change
You have to arrange
Tree plantation and create a green range!

When a scientist

Is at his/her best

No miracle

Is impossible!

When science

Takes on nonsense

Some people make noise

Forgetting that it is time to rejoice!

I smiled when I read sci-art poem, it is funny

But science doesn't hate art, it is a soothe!

Science is art's buddy

Science is one of the most thrilling speciality,

It makes you a honey!

You don't get bored when you are in a lab but will be on a high with excitation!

Science is an important part of education

If you can get the feel of real science, you will be on the top of the world with intoxication!

Science plus art becomes the right tool of communication!

Humanity's bright  foundation!

(In reply to an artist's poem:

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