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I stand amidst all the chaos around me

Trying to gather the strength, calmness and courage inside me

It is not easy to wash

All this dirt and sweep clean the incoming trash

I attempt to distance myself

From people who glorify their self

When they crush all the tender lives

Thinking that they are the kings

That rule this earth – I want to remove the arrogance

If I get a chance

I try to understand why artificial summits are created

For unworthy people to be placed

And real talent is pushed aside

I don’t want to subscribe to this divide

Where very few agree with others

Forming groups and gangs with people they can gather

People looting the less privileged and the poor

Assuming that they are given the right to pass through this door

Of taking away the lives of those who disagree

When can we see human kind free

From all this treachery

And the clutches of slavery

Here honesty is ridiculed

While corruption and stupidity is glorified

I search for peace within my mind

The ground on which the meaning of self and answers are found

Churning this polluted broth

To find solutions is not a myth

I can see a harmonious universality

A heart that can shine with inner beauty

Similar to a lotus that grow in the mud

I bloom like a flower that can be good

I know I am not wasting any time with this strife

Nor do I squander my life

Even though I stay on this planet of mundane things

I travel to the world of supreme beings

That makes my soul sublime

Though I live here with a name and fame

I am not a part of this game

I can be “a true human being” all the same

When I do this magic

Everything in this universe sounds like music


(Based on my Art Work Stita pragna ) : A Stita Pragna is a person who will be unmoved by anything in life – either happiness or sorrow, love or hatred, thorns or flowers, difficulty or easiness of a work, death or birth, war or peace. He stands like a rock amidst all the life’s ups & downs & is considered mentally very mature as he understands the philosophy of life well. Nothing can affect the mental makeup of this person. This state of mind is considered as the highest pinnacle of human nature.

Stita Pragna

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Copyright ©  2010

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Nice one Dr.Krishna.Very true too! But as you very well know,can't stop the rain!
Kind Regards

Staying calm amidst chaos!




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