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Oh, this is really, really beautiful
They call it 'rose'
This world is made of all things wonderful
Initiating several questions the mind can pose!

What constitutes the beauty of a flower?
Why has it got so much attracting power?
Can science tell us the information it can gather?
Give us the knowledge that can empower!

Oh, yes, why not?
This is an answer with a potential of million watt
Get ready to face the neuro-biological origins
Of all your emotions!

You experience the beauty of roses
Because of the genes that make their shapes
Plus textures of soft crapes
Chemicals that form attractive colours
As a result of their light absorptions and dispersions
That goes right through your eyes
Compounds that give grand smells
When passed through your nostrils
Activate the corresponding receptors
Which respond to these chemicals, shapes
And smells in the depths of your brains

The feel good hormones then released
Make you feel aesthetic and blessed!
Can you separate this great combination
Of science and art and its' lethal attraction?

Life is a beautiful interaction
Between art and science
You cannot escape this reality
No matter what you say or do!

© 2016   Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Written on 27th Feb., 2016

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(Written in reply to an artist who challenged me to make him see and understand the beauty of a rose through science's lenses.

I also wrote an article on this in 2012. You can read it here: )

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