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It surprises me to no end when I see people who are extremely intelligent, well educated & highly placed doing stupid things for & when they are in love. They say love is blind. But I am convinced love is not only blind, it is mindless too!

Kings had left their golden thrones for it
Millionaires had forgone their fortunes to get it
Men had given their everything to obtain it
All life had fought battles to win it.
Wise men attributed to it blindness
We are convinced it is mindless
Through the ages it became timeless
In getting human beings to the brink of madness.
Can anybody understand it fully
Why people in its spell behave so silly
How it purifies the human soul to become a lily
And makes all men smile heartily.
Love is not looking at each other
But traveling in one direction together
All through your life - to please your lover
To make his or her heart yours forever.

(Based on my painting titled LOVE)

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa
Copyright © 2010

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