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Two flowers my mom and dad? Yes they are! White represents purity, pink innocence and flowers nature. Loving and caring, honest, no bad thoughts or feelings-exactly how nature intends its children to be- pure and natural. That is how I see my parents.

My Mother - An Angel

Mother, oh my pure, innocent and sweet mother
When you are there for me why bother
About Heaven, when you could create one here on Earth
With your love and sacrifice since my birth
You have only one thought in your mind
The well being of your children - you are so kind
You toiled day and night to make us happy and comfortable
I searched the whole world and found you uncomparable
You are so selfless
While performing your duty you are faultless
You faced several difficulties but never complained
You suffered a lot but explained
That it was for your own flesh and blood
To keep us always in a happy mood
You gave your youth and yesterdays to us
So that we could lay a bright future for us
You are a symbol of love
A replica of the angels above
How true it is when they say God creates mothers with his own images
Because he cannot be everywhere to look after all his children!

Copyright © 2009
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Oh my father, as a five-year-old
I walked for the first time holding your hand
On the road to the school that trained me
How to deal with the things and thoughts in my lab
But the lessons you taught me
While traveling together on life's path
On how to deal with ups and downs with inner faith
That were implanted in me with tender care
Benefited me much more
The education you gave me that turned me wise from a fool
Can never be taught in any school
You wanted me to be strong
And face all that life has to offer with a bang
You told me to stand like a rock
And take head-on people that stab in the back
To become a person that no weather can touch
With a personality nobody can match
To be understanding and kind
A better advice I could never find
Though you no more physically accompany me
The courage and knowledge you put in me
Stand throughout my life with me
Although I shed silent tears for you
The philosophy you taught me wipe them away
When I can feel your presence in each moment of my day
How can you be far away?

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

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