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            Recently I have visited several art exhibitions and shows both off and on line. As my eyes moved from one art work to another exhibited in these shows, my mind measured the depth of the minds of the artists that created them. The poems, write ups and models sent to me for reviews and approvals tell me a lot about the grounds they cover in their journey to my computer screen.

            I have more than 2000 artist friends from all over the world. Most of them share their stories with me and majority of the stories I hear are sad ones! Creative geniuses like writers, poets, musicians and designers in various fields too have this streak of sadness in them. This sadness sometimes makes them very depressed and takes them to the brink of madness.

            Right hemisphere of brain is considered as the creative half of human brain. This half also happens to be the emotional hemisphere. According to neuroscientists intense emotional sparks result in creativity in the same part of the brain.

            An artist creates a masterpiece when his mind, which reflects the working of the neural networks, chemical and hormonal systems in his brain, combines with the soul to reach a state of enlightenment. Turmoil precedes this state. Adversities are the machines that create and polish these gems because without confusion and turmoil, minds cannot reach enlightenment. Only an enlightened mind can create masterpieces. Other ones produce simple decorative pieces. There is a lot of difference between these two types of art.

            If artists want just to enjoy by drawing a few lines and painting various patterns, the resultant work becomes only a decorative piece. On the other hand if an artist wants to liberate his soul and mind from the tragedies of his life and tries to share his acquired knowledge from these dark phases with the world and knows how to channel his positive energy into creating a piece of art, music or a poem, it can become a masterpiece or a classic.   

            Sadly most art collectors go for decorative pieces of art. A decorative piece is only a visual treat. It makes them happy superficially. But a master piece born out of pain and turmoil touches the heart, mind and soul.

            All human beings want to escape from painful realities. Some of them choose entertainment for this purpose and watch TV shows and go to movies which are comedies and romantic melodies that make them feel as if they are in a different and beautiful world. This might give them a temporary relief from frustrations and depressions. However, a masterpiece or a classic that originates from the depths of a tortured soul that reached a state of enlightenment gives permanent relief by explaining the philosophy of life and tragedies we face. They strengthen our minds.

            Can only old artists create masterpieces? “No”, is the answer. Even young minds that face severe turbulence in their lives can bring them into existence. However, they should know which direction these enlightened energies should take and how to turn the thoughts, beliefs and emotions into creative marvels. This comes only with experience. I heard some famous artists saying if they were asked to redo their old art works, they would do them differently. Definitely this is a sign of increased activity in the gray cells with the change of colour of the hair on their heads.                                     

My happiness touched the sky when I found this message in my in box one day from an unknown person half a world away:

            I lost my wife of 52 years to cancer recently. I was very depressed and inconsolable till I came across your art work. I saw your paintings on line, read descriptions you gave over and over again and understood the philosophy of life. As I cannot buy your work, I downloaded the images and the text and saved them. They will be with me for the rest of my life. Thanks, Dr. Krishna, for bringing sanity back into my life.

            I felt as if I created masterpieces. Can a 10 million dollar bid for my work in Christie’s or Sotheby’s auctions give me this happiness and satisfaction? No, it cannot!


Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa


(This article was written in April, 2009 for a newspaper magazine)


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