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Dear Friend,

Ever the joy of shared dreams, perchance kindling,
long lost memories of times past, the joy of awakening,
together this infinite inner Divine repository.....
perhaps you may walk with us awhile.......

Ever the soulful fragrance of the tangle o' the
Isles haunts our dreams and fills us with delight
whispering to our hearts and souls of a life lived
full with nature in all her grandeur fair of times
past when such bonds of love and kinship were
ever forged through steel and fire all is quiet now
as great beauty and serenity meld infusing all with
a sacred solitude as with a blessing on our lips we
range over hill and dale in quiet adoration of a land
elemental so sublime her myriad moods and mysteries
casting a spell over us as these fair isles enchant with
their beguiling capricious ways leading us on inner
journeys as we walk our pilgrims way with reverent
pace such deep insightful feelings are ever called to
mind as phantom footprints on silvered sands speak
of love and loss a solace to our hearts inspires us to
rhyme and reverie as it calls the soul to the infinite
divine within such appeal to live in quiet harmony
with our muse which ever leads us to share with
gentle reverence for all of life as we plight our
troth in this eternal moment for a
love divine of these sacred Isles
as they glister as pearls
upon a radiant sea.......
Oh how we dream of these sacred Isles..
...those most blessed hills and lochs....

All blessings on your sacred journey
for ever we walk as One.....



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