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A new dawn breaks with pablo's ire,
To awaken a canvas with strokes of fire.
A myriad hues from reds to blues,
Finds it hard for even the discerning eye to choose.
What was it that made him great?
Even though his lines weren't straight!
The rest of the pack he left far behind,
Proving to the world the 20th centurys' greatest find.
His journey of course he left incomplete,
With many a work so subtly discreet.
Although we know that its hard to go,
Someday,someone will beat Pablo.
With his blessings I'm sure we'll open the door,
To the unseen works he may have wanted to show.
Maybe one day? As the days go by,
A new painter'll emerge who'll reach for the sky.
So wait until then all you friends and foes,
If it's your luck? You may witness those shows.

(Intnl.Poet and Artist)
copyright U.S.A.

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on November 27, 2009 at 4:47am
Picasso thought differently. That is why he became so famous. He is an inspiration for me.
Some people here don't understand what thinking differently is. They ask us to do works only in a particular way.
When I started working on science based themes, some people asked me "Can't you paint nature art? Can't you do works of Gods? Why do you want to do these science based works" ?
I told them I want to do things differently. Every body can paint nature & Gods. Only a few people can do works based on science. Because of my subject I got recognition. I stood out. I just started & cannot compare myself with Picasso. But I made a beginning in a different way.
Thanks for posting this nice poem. Liked it very much.



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