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Art helping science: These types of claims will not be accepted by science

An interesting episode has happened recently in the science-art arena. I asked several artists whether art has helped in getting sweeping changes across the world.  I got some really excellent replies that somewhat changed my perception of art for the better.

But I got some replies that  claimed several things. One person insisted:

"Art serves so much and beyond. It is a form of Science of its own but misunderstood and fought by many scientists. It should be collaborated which need more research of its own.We have pieces of art from Africa which solves many unsolvable questions by scientists today. There are also many scientists who have taken advantages of those artists for their own benefits."

Then I said: Ms. X, you say : "We have pieces of art from Africa which solves many unsolvable questions by scientists today".
Please let me know the details and I will highlight them and bring them to the notice of the science-art world through my network. Anything associated with knowledge should be given its due respect whether it is from the field of art or science.

And I got back this reply: I did send you one picture of a fertility from Tanzania Makonde Tribe. It is a piece of art which was used by a medicine person or a healer to make a woman become pregnant when everything else fail. I have witnessed more than 15woman achieve their dreams of having children. This is how our doctors worked in Africa.

As a person of science this is really shocking to me. First an artist says Art can help science but scientists don't acknowledge it. Why would they? Are they dumb to believe everything you say? This is my reply to her:

"Thanks for the message, Ms. X. I didn't get any picture from you.
But the things you mentioned are just 'beliefs' and will not be accepted by main stream science. I came across these things happening in Africa through BBC news. If doctors there worked like this, I think they are not real doctors. Like BBC says they could be witch doctors or people practicing alternate medicine. Such stories don't stand a chance of acceptance in the world of science. As a person of science I will have to be skeptical about these things and cannot accept them and promote them. Sorry!"

Artists, don't try to bring baseless beliefs into the world of science and say these are miracles science has to understand and deal with too. A work of art making women pregnant and helping doctors! What a shock?! I am still shaking my head with disbelief! Am I living in the 21st century?

I don't mean insult here. I  am only mad at science communicators. Where are you people?

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on March 12, 2014 at 5:55am




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