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Art World's obsession with science is reaching ridiculous proportions!

An increasing number of artists are choosing science as their themes. That is okay. But if it becomes an obsession & reaches ridiculous proportions? Here is an example:

A curator of an exhibition in New york aims to spark a debate over the idea that plastic surgery is ART! He gives the example of rhinoplasty, the surgery of nose reconstruction, where he thinks artistic skill & certain amount of creativity is necessary to give people perfect noses! The exhibition, titled "I AM ART: AN EXPRESSION OF THE VISUAL AND ARTISTIC PROCESS OF PLASTIC SURGERY" features gruesome video footage & stills of operations, deformities & the results of accidents. They are meant to show that beauty like the artistic process, is not easily achieved. The video of the nose job lasts six horrific minutes in which a nose is turned inside out while latex - gloved hands saw & cut & remodel the cartilage.
All this pain is taken to prove that plastic surgery is a form of art!

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