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Artists, venture into sci-art only after grasping the subject fully

An artist who says she deals with sci-art and is interested in highlighting ecological problems had invited us to see her work. According to her -

“Where have all of the fireflies gone?” is a commonly heard despair. The loss of fireflies in our communities is primarily based on the increased light pollution from urban structures. Therefore fireflies are a succinct metaphor for the fragility of our ecosystem. Today people mourn their loss making memories of fireflies more precious as the illumination of the cities and towns drown out their mating light show. So I want to create an artificial firefly magic using lights to highlight this ecological problem.

The natural bioluminescence of the fireflies had been mimicked and art works had been created by this artist using hundreds of lights and a sound system. They were really  audio- visual feast and everybody - artists and journalists were praising her for her efforts. 

But, wait a minute, I thought, before congratulating the artist, I feel I must tell people they are not able to see something very important here.  Her efforts to highlight an ecological problem is really commendable. But she used hundreds of light bulbs and an audio system to create the art work. Does she understand how much power her art works are consuming? Isn't she  contributing to another ecological problem while highlighting one?

Problems arise if you cannot see the whole picture. A person from the field of science  can see the whole picture and therefore knows how to deal with it properly. I would have used solar or wind power had I created such art works to highlight ecological problems. Theo Jansen uses wind energy for his Kinetic sculptures as he is from the engineering field. The artist could see only a partial picture of science and therefore couldn't do full justice to her ecological concerns. Her works would have got applaud from us  too had she studied ecology in its totality and understood the problem fully. Half knowledge is always dangerous. Instead of solving a problem, it creates more problems. I hope the artists try to grasp this point and don't repeat these mistakes again.

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Comment by Catherine Mascrès on March 6, 2012 at 12:57am

I like and agree on what you say. Impossible to replace a little bug trying to make more little bugs with so much electricity and power costing more little bug lives...(and so many others!!!)

The little bug is unique and her light is meaningful.

Ours...aren't so much. Only mimicking, using and abusing...


Comment by Milivoj Šegan on March 5, 2012 at 3:13pm

For me, the notion of learning and vice versa, I forget, and every day! :) Learning and Forgetting is equally valuable. At the same time take place, again and again and not repeatable. the process of our neurons of the brain, which operates through its senses by the so-called metastable term great Danish scientist, N.Bohr, a complementary pair of Nature! Until that day when I forget the so-called my life (-_-) I hope  that I no forget so called, time and space , Universal?(-_-)  It is not my privilege, everyone has their own truth. Everything in terms of so-called, nor is not there as we apprehend them, just by itself,only our experience, and it is not true to anyone except us.? Everything is different (our experience, metabolism), the concept of infinity. Thus, not only in my module and creative, which I submitted entitled "Infinite cage of  Ego  and forgetting" 2010th Wood / mirror. So all the experience and freedom of action. So-called art is the concept of freedom alone, and not only the creative expression, thoughts, deeds but a manifestation of all forms of life, including mine, and this all together is the very basis of communication with yourself and with others, bidirectional.  (-_-)So is the ball, the earth gravitates, two forces that keep us and the material together, and each for himself, individually .. so-called body, an entity in itself!?Simbol No1 = Earthly life!


Comment by Jody Jaress on March 5, 2012 at 1:06pm

There's much to consider in every choice we make individually or as a community.

Unfortunately, we sometimes get carried away with only a few points and find we haven't fully researched before forging ahead.  Unintentionally maybe, but oft times has devistating and long lasting consciquences.  Sad, but we are only human... and our egos get in the way here and there.  Much to learn as we walk thru our lives... much, much to learn..... sigh... myself, I'm learning everyday.

Comment by Georgescu Dan on March 5, 2012 at 11:05am

Comment by Bhaskar Hande on March 5, 2012 at 11:05am

its true. how w e(artist )present our art work, and how viewer see them.  which message pass through the art work is important.



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