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I have seen at least 25 artists complaining that scientists never accept that their work could help science or that it was highly significant!

I myself wrote a few highly critical articles on the work of artists (1,2,3,4). Why do I do this?
Am I against art and these artists? Do scientists think that art is inferior to science? Definitely not! I respect art as much as I respect science.

If I think art is inferior to science why would I enter the field in the first place? Why would I create Sci-Art Lab, instead of a pure Science Lab?

The truth is science has a different set of standards and measurements to that of art. I have written extensively on this. I am from the world of science and the latter would influence me in my thinking about science-art. Scientists think in a different way to that of artists' route.

Your opinion or perception that your work is good cannot convince scientists whose measurements are based on proof and facts.

Artists are asking scientists to modify and change their methods of measuring sci-art. But science will fall apart without these set of rules to follow. Scientists cannot deviate from their standards and still work in the field of science.

Artists, welcome to the tough world of science. You got to adapt, modify, be prepared to work hard, follow the rules of science to succeed here. If you cannot, you will stay at the fringes and may not be able to enter the main stream of science based work! Yes, you can experiment, do what ever you like with your work , but you will stay in the world of art and not science if you do that! If you want to do more 'science based work' to help science like some are claiming they do, you got to think like a scientist and not like an artist! If you are unable to cope with the standards of science and reject them, I will add here one scientist's words:

People who reject science as a relevant subject are afraid. Science is so truthful, so powerful at stripping away illusions and falsehoods and folk understandings that Dan Donnet described Darwinism as " universal acid", dissolving everything it comes in contact with ( eating through all other thought-systems and radically transforming them ), but he might as well have been talking about Science in general.

 Science grants no immunity to anyone no matter  how big the person is.  Period!
Yes, science is a tough world ! Only the tough can withstand it! Here we stand by facts and truths and not perceptions and beliefs. So don't complain. Because your complaints don't 'move' science. Sorry, science is not emotional! It is just rational! And reason is unshakable!






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