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India, the name itself states the eternal culture of people in the country; a land with different tradition, custom, culture, religion, rites, rituals and beliefs. It is an only country where marriages are given special importance and people residing here believe that marriages are made in heaven. It is a ceremony which unites two individual and binds two hearts together as one. The tradition of wedding and custom varies between ethnic groups, religions, social classes, cultures and regions. In India weddings are joyous and the sentimental occasion where people share their happiness with family and relatives, and enjoy themselves. Most wedding ceremonies implicate an exchange of wedding vows by the couple and presenting the gifts in the form of blessings and wishes.


It is remarkable moment in every person’s life where the two individuals accept and promise each other to be together in every circumstances of life and tends to give happiness to their partners. A wedding is a celebration of trust, love, partnership, tolerance and persistence. The most beautiful things in Indian marriages are the brides; a young bride is like a plucked flower that should be nurtured with care and affection. Brides look gorgeous in the bridal outfits, accessories and elaborate makeup. In order to look unique and beautiful, the couple wear special wedding garments like Sarees, Lahengas, and Gowns etc.


Every girl has a dream to get married and on this special day she should be grabbing the attention of all guests, relatives and especially her huby. There are lot and lots of ceremonies before the marriage such as Sangeet, Mehendi, reception etc. Brides apply beautiful mehendi designs on the palm and feet, their body and face is rubbed with a paste made of turmeric and sandal powder. It is said by the elders that rubbing of this paste on the body and face makes the bride more beautiful and enhances her complexion. Every ceremonial formality consists of prayers or readings from the religious texts or literature, poetries and music. In sangeet ceremony, relatives, guests and family members dance on the music, sing the typical song of marriages, play different games and enjoy themselves. On the day of wedding the groom along with his group of relatives, family, friends and guest known as “BARAT” is gracefully welcomed by the bride’s family. Some of the small ceremonies are celebrated before the main and big ceremony of marriage. The main celebration of marriage is taken place by the religious guru’s.


All the different religions residing in India has different ceremonies, with different music, costumes, prayers etc. There are various names given by the various religion for the term wedding such as in Muslim they say “NIKKAH”, in Hindu religion they say “VIVAH”, in Christians they say “NUPSHIONS” and so on….


I express my views towards the day of wedding in just beautiful poetic lines:

It's your Wedding Day

So perfect and fine,

With all your friends round you

To have a good time.

And we wish you much happiness

Starting your lives as one,

Always give love to each other

With lots of laughter and fun.

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