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Difference between science-illustration (sci-art) and science based art

Differences between science-art (science illustration), science based art and technology assisted art

Science based art is different from technology assisted art. In technology assisted art tech is used in creating any form of art and with any theme. Science has nothing to do with this art except for assisting in creating it.

Science-art is used to communicate science through art. Even an illiterate person can understand science when shown in a picture form. That is science illustration.These days science illustration is being dubbed as science-art, ( also given names such as 'Art of science' - when science specimens and data are shown in an artistic way, 'Art in science' - when the aesthetics part of science is shown by scientists). It is art okay 'the art part' of it lies in how well a person can copy from a specimen. To show people around details of the object of science. It can also explain details for a layman to understand science in a better way. Also data can be presented in a picture form to make it clear. This is not real art but an 'illustrative art'.

Science based art is the real art which shows science, scientific themes and theories  in a new light. It also deals with the culture of science ( yes, science has its own culture too!).
It makes people understand the relevance of science to their very existence!
You can find all these explanations in detail in the group 'science art' here.

You can also find examples of various forms of science related art on my website

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on July 5, 2014 at 5:44am

One scientist asked me when there are science illustrations to communicate science what is the need of bringing art to the fore again ( science illustration is also a form of art ). Good question. But science illustrations only show exactly what you see in the lab. They just communicate data. Art has a different role to play. It can connect science with real life situations and show it in a new light and can make communication process more interesting.

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on February 8, 2014 at 7:14am




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