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Do artists really think about science while creating some of their works?

Recently I read an interesting article. You too can read it here:

or here:

Interesting article. How people, especially scientists, interpret art works is fascinating. But the most important question is do artists really have "science" on their minds when they create art works? Some of them might think in terms of science but majority of artists think about only aesthetics while creating art - copying beautiful geometric patterns that appeal to the eye. Several art critics earlier said Picasso's Cubism is based on solid science. However, Picasso himself rubbished this and said he never thought about science while creating his works!
I too have an interesting story to tell: first please see one of my works here:
While creating this work, I just had the theme on my mind and nothing else. But after creating it, to my pleasant surprise, I noticed the picture is creating some sort of illusion in the minds of the viewer. The height of the walls at which they start and end in relation to canvas are equal to both left part of the wall in the picture and the right part because I took the measurements and started painting at equal heights. But as the left side one is moving away from the hand (and also the viewer), it is giving an illusion that it was placed at a higher altitude! As the right side one was shown as if it was coming towards the viewer, it is giving the illusion that it is at a lower altitude!
In the future some physicist or a scientist while reviewing my work, might interpret it in a different way with a different theory!
Art is interesting in that way. Anybody can give any explanation based on his or her perception and attributing "scientific thoughts" where none exists is one of them! This science and art interactions are showing art works in a different light and perspectives but how much of it is true is left to anybody's imagination!

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